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Gas Chromatography

Capillary GC Columns

An optimized chromatographic separation begins with selection of the proper column for the application. All our capillary GC columns are organized by industry/application, by method reference, by phase polarity, and also by name. Many column types (ionic liquid, MS-grade, Fast GC, GCxGC, chiral, PLOT, and SCOT) are broken out separately. Our GC Column Selection Guide is a valuable resource, with useful instructions for column selection.

The Supelco® portfolio is dedicated to the development of leading edge GC column technology to meet the needs of customers. Our goal is to provide the finest products, backed by superior service. Search our selection of online GC chromatograms or contact us ( if you require further assistance with column selection for your specific application.


Water determination by GC? Yes. Check out our revolutionary Watercol series

On-demand Webinar: Water determination by GC with Shimadzu


Capillary GC Columns, by industry / application  
Capillary GC Columns, by method reference  
Capillary GC Columns, by phase polarity  
Capillary GC Columns, by name  
Ionic Liquid Capillary GC Columns  
MS-Grade Capillary GC Columns  
Fast GC Capillary GC Columns
How to Choose a Capillary GC Column
GCxGC Capillary GC Columns
Chiral Capillary GC Columns  
PLOT Capillary GC Columns  
SCOT Capillary GC Columns  
Guard Columns/Retention Gaps  
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