Gas Chromatography

SLB-5ms Supelco Low Bleed GC Capillary Columns

5ms Low Bleed GC Capillary Columns

All columns in this line will incorporate a combination of unique advances in polymer synthesis, proprietary surface deactivation chemistry, and innovative manufacturing processes. These columns are characterized by low bleed, inertness, durability, and consistency.


The low phenyl content provides essentially a boiling point elution order with a slight increase in selectivity, especially for aromatic compounds. The SLB-5ms is the new column of choice for performing GC-MS analyses of semivolatiles. By addressing the need for low detection limits, easy mass spectral identification, less instrument downtime, great resolution, short analysis times, and long column life, SLB-5ms provides the necessary confidence to make the move from your current column.

USP Code: This column meets USP G27 and G36 requirements.

Phase: Bonded and highly crosslinked; silphenylene polymer virtually equivalent in polarity to poly(5% diphenyl/95% methyl siloxane)

Temperature Limits:   0.10 to 0.32 mm I.D.:   -60 °C to 340 °C (isothermal)
-60 °C to 360 °C (programmable)
0.53 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 330 °C (isothermal)
-60 °C to 340 °C (programmable)

Operating Conditions: Chemically compatible with water and other injection solvents. Sensitive to strong inorganic acids and bases, stable to low levels of HCl in non-aqueous samples. Not damaged by organic acids or bases. Columns can be rinsed.