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What's New in GC

We are constantly working to solve your toughest GC challenges. That's why we continue to bring new, innovative, and fit-for-purpose columns
to market.

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Check out our expanded offering of innovative capillary columns for Petroleum and Chemical analysis!

Phase Use/Benefit
SLB-1ms Low bleed, high inertness, enhanced sensitivity and durable column for use in many petrochemical applications
Watercol 1910 Save time and money by analyzing water in petroleum, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, flavors & fragrances, etc... by GC
SLB-ILD3606 ASTM D3606 alternative on one column. Complete resolution of benzene (and other aromatics) and oxygenates in petroleum products.
MET-SimDis Designed for easy analysis of ASTM D2887 and extended D2877 methods; simulated distillation
Alumina KCl PLOT Simplified method with high selectivity for separating ppm levels of C1-C5 hydrocarbons and many fluorinated compounds
Silica PLOT High selectivity for C1-C4 isomers in the presence of water; no decomposition of pentadienes or freons
MET-Biodiesel Metal columns for the determination of free and total glycerin with long column life, high accuracy and leak free.
SPB-Biodiesel Fused silica columns for the determination of free and total glycerin 
Other recent additions
SLB-ILPAH Non-bonded ionic liquid phase; offers exceptional resolution of PAHs, including all main isomer sets
SLB-PAHms Rugged, MS-grade, bonded high-phenyl content polysiloxane phase for PAH analyses
SLB-IL (i-series) Extremely polar columns offering unmatched selectivity and inertness