Ascentis® Express Selection Guide

Step 1: Selecting an Ascentis Express Phase

Ascentis Express C18 is the first choice for starting a new method. However, when a C18 doesn't give the desired separation or your sample contains compounds that are known to be difficult to retain or resolve on a C18, consider changing stationary phases. The range of selectivity provided by Ascentis Express makes this easy. The flowchart below helps guide users in the selection of an Ascentis Express phase, based on the particular compound type or separation challenge.

Ascentis® Express HPLC Column Selection GuideRP-AmideRP-AmideC8F5RP-Amide ES-Cyano* Phenyl-HexylRP-AmideHILICES-Cyano*Peptide ES-C18

*ES-Cyano is an extremely versatile column that works well in RP, NP or SFC modes.

Step 2: Select Your Ascentis Express HPLC Column


Which Column ID is best for my needs?       What flow rate is best for my needs?    
If you are doing Mass Spec   2.1 mm I.D.   If you are using a column with a 2.1 mm I.D.   0.4 to 1.8 mL/min*
If you want solvent savings   3.0 mm I.D.   If you are using a column with a 3.0 mm I.D.   0.8 to 2.0 mL/min*
If you are doing standard HPLC   4.6 mm I.D.   If you are using a column with a 4.6 mm I.D.   1.6 to 2.4 mL/min*
        * Higher flow rates can be used    
Which column length is best for my needs?            
If you want to maximize speed   2 to 7.5 cm        
If you want a balance of resolution and speed   10 cm        
If you want the best resolution possible   15 cm        

I.D. Length C18 Peptide ES-C18 C8 Phenyl-Hexyl RP-Amide F5 ES-Cyano HILIC
Ascentis Express Columns (listed in order of decreasing hydrophobicity)
2.1 mm 2 cm 53799-U 53795-U 53798-U 53797-U 53592-U 53494-U
2.1 mm 3 cm 53802-U 53299-U 53839-U 53332-U 53910-U 53566-U 53468-U 53933-U
2.1 mm 5 cm 53822-U 53301-U 53831-U 53334-U 53911-U 53567-U 53470-U 53934-U
2.1 mm 7.5 cm 53804-U 53304-U 53843-U 53335-U 53912-U 53568-U 53472-U 53938-U
2.1 mm 10 cm 53823-U 53306-U 53832-U 53336-U 53913-U 53569-U 53473-U 53939-U
2.1 mm 15 cm 53825-U 53307-U 53834-U 53338-U 53914-U 53571-U 53475-U 53946-U
3.0 mm 3 cm 53805-U 53308-U 53844-U 53341-U 53915-U 53574-U 53476-U 53964-U
3.0 mm 5 cm 53811-U 53311-U 53848-U 53342-U 53916-U 53576-U 53478-U 53967-U
3.0 mm 7.5 cm 53812-U 53312-U 53849-U 53343-U 53917-U 53577-U 53479-U 53969-U
3.0 mm 10 cm 53814-U 53313-U 53852-U 53345-U 53918-U 53578-U 53481-U 53970-U
3.0 mm 15 cm 53816-U 53314-U 53853-U 53346-U 53919-U 53579-U 53483-U 53972-U
4.6 mm 3 cm 53818-U 53316-U 53857-U 53347-U 53921-U 53581-U 53484-U 53974-U
4.6 mm 5 cm 53826-U 53318-U 53836-U 53348-U 53922-U 53583-U 53486-U 53975-U
4.6 mm 7.5 cm 53819-U 53323-U 53858-U 53351-U 53923-U 53584-U 53489-U 53977-U
4.6 mm 10 cm 53827-U 53324-U 53837-U 53352-U 53929-U 53590-U 53491-U 53979-U
4.6 mm 15 cm 53829-U 53328-U 53838-U 53353-U 53931-U 53591-U 53492-U 53981-U
Ascentis Express Guard Cartridges (Package of 3)
2.1 mm 53501-U 53509-U 53524-U 53514-U 53594-U 53495-U 53520-U
3.0 mm 53504-U 53511-U 53526-U 53516-U 53597-U 53496-U 53521-U
4.6 mm 53508-U 53512-U 53531-U 53519-U 53599-U 53497-U 53523-U
Capillary Ascentis Express Columns Ascentis Express Guard Columns
75 µm 5 cm 53982-U 53543-U 53983-U Ascentis® Express Guard Cartridge Holder
(cartridge not included)
75 µm 15 cm 54219-U 53549-U 54229-U  
100 µm 5 cm 53985-U 53544-U 53987-U
100 µm 15 cm 54256-U 53552-U 54260-U
200 µm 5 cm 53989-U 53545-U 53991-U
200 µm 15 cm 54261-U 53553-U 54262-U
300 µm 5 cm 53992-U 53546-U 53997-U
300 µm 15 cm 54271-U 53554-U 54272-U
500 µm 5 cm 53998-U 53547-U 53999-U
500 µm 15 cm 54273-U 53558-U 54275-U