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Astec CHIROBIOTIC™ T2 Chiral HPLC Columns

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  • Enhanced selectivity and capacity in the polar organic mode and polar ionic mode
  • Capacity increases of 2 to 20 fold over standard CHIROBIOTIC phases
  • Most beneficial for basic molecules
  • Neutral molecules can often be run in pure methanol

The polar organic and the polar ionic modes have become increasingly popular largely because of their ideal compatibility with MS detection and preparative LC. Important changes in linkage chemistries and the silica have led to the CHIROBIOTIC V2 and T2 chiral stationary phases – columns of choice for difficult separations, and especially, for preparative LC.

These phases extend the capabilities of the series. They are designed to be used in the optimization process since they offer some distinct advantages in the polar ionic mode and polar organic mode. The standard CHIROBIOTIC phases remain the columns of choice for method development screening and for reversed phase separations.