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  • Complex chiral environment
  • Chiral π-π interactions
  • Chiral hydrogen bonding sites
  • Peptide binding site
  • Carbohydrate binding site
  • Inclusion complexation
  • Multi-modal possibilities
  • Higher capacity and greater stability over protein phases
  • Greater solvent versatility and higher throughputs than cellulose phases
  • Complementary to CHIROBIOTIC T

CHIROBIOTIC phases are based on covalently bonding macrocyclic glycoproteins to a high purity, spherical silica gel in such a way as to establish long term stability while retaining essential components for chiral recognition. Five linkages assure long term stability in any recommended mobile phase condition. The CHIROBIOTIC TAG is a variation of CHIROBIOTIC T. The sugars are removed from the macrocyclic glycopeptide to produce an aglycone structure which is then linked through standard CHIROBIOTIC chemistry.

The preparation and applications of the aglycone form of CHIROBIOTIC T was a concept conceived and published by Dr. Francesco Gasparrini, Universita Degli Studi Di Roma, Italy. It was under his guidance that Astec produced this product.

Types of Chiral Analytes

A selectivity increase is observed for the analysis of amphoteric molecules like the amino acids. A large number of α, β, γ and cyclic amino acids have been separated on this phase. The separation of carnitine is one of the more important analyses performed on this column. A substantial increase in the selectivity for a number of β-amino acids has been reported. Selectivity for some compounds other than amino acids has been diminished indicating the importance of the sugar moieties. However, many neutral molecules have been well separated in single solvents like methanol, ethanol, acetonitrile or combinations. Examples of neutral molecules include hydantoins, oxazolidinones and diazopenes. Many sulfur containing compounds have been resolved in typical normal phase solvents demonstrating its versatility in SFC.

CHIROBIOTIC TAG (Teicoplanin Aglycone)
Polar Organic
Polar Ionic
Normal Phase

Note: Compound is classified acid or base by virtue of functional group on or near the stereogenic center.

Mobile Phases

CHIROBIOTIC TAG has demonstrated broad selectivity in reversed phase, normal phase, polar organic and polar ionic modes. For details on these mobile phases, see the CHIROBIOTIC HANDBOOK.

Recommended Starting Mobile Phases
20/80: MeOH/20mM NH4OAc, pH 6.0 Reversed Phase
100/0.2/0.1: MeOH/HOAc/TEA Polar Ionic
20/80: EtOH/Heptane Normal Phase
EtOH Polar Organic