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  • Complex chiral environment
  • Chiral π-π interactions
  • Chiral hydrogen bonding sites
  • Peptide binding site
  • Carbohydrate binding site
  • Inclusion complexation
  • Multi-modal possibilities
  • Advantages of protein phases with higher capacity and greater stability
  • Advantages of cellulose phases with greater solvent versatility and higher throughputs
  • Complementary to CHIROBIOTIC T

CHIROBIOTIC phases are based on covalently bonding macrocyclic glycoproteins to a high purity, spherical silica gel in such a way as to establish its stability while retaining essential components for chiral recognition. CHIROBIOTIC V is based on bonding Vancomycin which contains 18 chiral centers surrounding three pockets or cavities. Five aromatic ring structures bridge these strategic cavities. Hydrogen donor and acceptor sites are readily available close to the ring structures. The CHIROBIOTIC V has demonstrated selectivity similar to glycoprotein phases except it is stable from 0-100% organic modifier and exhibits high sample capacity.

Types of Chiral Analytes

Neutral molecules, amides, acids, esters and cyclic amines show considerable enantioselectivity. Other secondary and tertiary amines have been separated with varying degrees of success. The CHIROBIOTIC V has demonstrated many of the separation characteristics of protein based stationary phases with much greater stability and much higher sample capacity. Some chiral analytes have been resolved that have not been reported separated on any other chiral stationary phase.

Mobile Phases

CHIROBIOTIC V has demonstrated broad selectivity in reversed phase, normal phase and the new polar organic phase modes. Since Vancomycin contains peptide, carbohydrate and other ionizable groups, it is not surprising that the enantioselectivity appears to be different in each of these modes. This allows for the potential to separate a greater variety of chiral analytes. The stationary phase is unaffected when switching between the mobile phase systems.