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T411058 Maximize System Performance with Easy-to-Use HPLC Accessories  Product Information 850KB  16 
T494137 HPLC Columns for Carbohydrates  Product Information 88KB 
T495047 MonoBeads Support/Mono Q and Mono S Ion Exchange Chromatography Columns  Product Information 122KB 
T496127 HiTrap Desalting Column  Product Information 127KB 
T496177 ProtEx Ion Exchange HPLC Columns  Product Information 219KB 
T497080 HiTrap Columns  Product Information 137KB 
T497179 Eppendorf HPLC Temperature Control Systems  Product Information 175KB 
T499204 NITROX UHP LC/MS Nitrogen Generators  Product Information 730KB 
T100781 How to Protect Your HPLC Column and Prolong Its Life - Bulletin 781 Technical Report 311 KB  12 
T100787 One-Step Triglyceride Separation by Reversed Phase HPLC Without Argentation -  Bulletin 787 Technical Report 148 KB 
T100788 Guidelines for Formulating Mobile Phases for Various Reversed Phase HPLC Columns - Bulletin 788 Technical Report 156 KB 
T100826 HPLC Troubleshooting Guide - Bulletin 826 Technical Report 448 KB  20 
T100844 Postcolumn Reactions Enhance Detection Sensitivity and Selectivity in HPLC Analyses -  Bulletin 844 Technical Report 155 KB 
T109863 Separate and Purify Pharmaceuticals and Small Biomolecules, Using Polymeric RPLC Resins - Bulletin 863 Technical Report 135 KB 
T194882 Mobile Phases for Ion Exchange Chromatography and Chromatofocusing - Bulletin 882 Technical Report 190 KB 
T195887 HPLC Carbohydrate Column Selection Guide - Bulletin 887 Technical Report 212 KB 
T200010 Scale-up of Fast Analytical to Fast Preparative Separations (Reporter Vol. 18.10) Article 1,023KB 
T200001 New Paradigm for HPLC Method Development  (Reporter Vol. 18.1) Article 351 KB 
T200003 Optimizing HPLC Separations: Samples with Widely Differing Polarities  (Reporter Vol. 18.3) Article 476 KB 
T200006 Fast Gradients for RP-HPLC  (Reporter Vol. 18.6) Article 516KB 
T202003 The Effect of Ion Pair Reagent on Reversed-Phase Selectivity of Polypeptide Separations  (Reporter Vol. 20.3) Article 264 KB 
T202005 Ionic Additives and LC/MS Conditions for Polypeptide Analysis  (Reporter Vol. 20.5) Article 157 KB 
T295031 Choosing an HPLC Column for Carbohydrate Analyses  Article 64KB 
T296016 New Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Applications for SPME/HPLC  Article 206KB 
T296033 Solid Phase Microextraction: Rapid and Versatile Extraction for GC or HPLC Applications  Article 157KB 
T296044 Single Solid Phase Ectraction Procedure Yields Base/Neutral and Acid Fractions  Article 130KB 
T411036H NEW! Optimizing Instruments for Modern HPLC Columns  Presentation 616 KB  21
T410170H NEW! Improving HPLC Column Selection and System Performance  Presentation 1,470 KB  46
T410101H Transfer and Speed-up of Methods to Fused-Core Particle Columns – EPA Method 1694  Presentation 787 KB  23
T410086H High Throughput Bioanalysis Utilizing Fused-Core™ Particle and HybridSPE®-PPT Technology  (HPLC 2010) Presentation 494 KB  19
T410088H Grouping Modern HPLC Columns Into Chemical Classes for Improving Phase Selection and Method Development  (HPLC 2010) Presentation 748 KB  23
T410093H Retention and Selectivity in Aqueous Normal Phase/HILIC Separations  (HPLC 2010) Presentation 422 KB  22 
T410094H Utilizing Enantiomeric Separations in Bioanalysis  (HPLC 2010) Presentation 616 KB  18 
T403157 HPLC Column Comparison Screening Study for Reversed-Phase Columns  (EAS 2003) Presentation 122 KB  17 
T403167 Multi-Dimensional LC/MS Using Orthogonal Reversed-Phase Stationary Phases  (EAS 2003) Presentation 697 KB  30 
T403169 Utility of U-Shaped Retention Profiles Under Common Reversed-Phase Conditions (EAS 2003)  Presentation 216 KB  18 
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T410171H NEW! Stability and Performance of Cyano Bonded Phase HPLC Columns for Reversed-Phase, Normal-Phase and HILIC Applications  Presentation 975 KB  45
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T402038 Discovery BIO Wide Pore HPLC Columns and Capillaries  Brochure 489 KB  16 
T410079 Discovery BIO PolyMA - Ion exchange columns for protein and peptide separations  Brochure 702 KB  14 
T402075 Discovery HPLC Small Molecule brochure  Brochure 2,119 KB  28 
T402052 Discovery Normal Phase SPE Products  Product Information 73 KB 
T402053 Discovery Reversed-Phase SPE Products  Product Information 81 KB 
T402054 Discovery Ion-Exchange SPE Products  Product Information 76 KB 
T102932 Discovery Zr: Method Development Guidelines  - Bulletin 932 Technical Report 48 KB 
T103937 Use Discovery to Reduce HPLC Method Development Time  - Bulletin 937 Technical Report 41 KB 
T103938 Utility of Pentafluorophenylpropyl Stationary Phases for RP-HPLC Analyses: Biogenic Amines on Discovery HS F5 - Bulletin 938  Technical Report 56 KB 
T403039 Systematic SPE Method Development  Technical Report 102 KB 
T403056 Peptide Separations on a Stable, Aqueous Compatible Peptide Separations on a Stable, Aqueous Compatible C18 Column  Technical Report 52 KB 
T702011 Care and Use Guide for Discovery Zr-PS  Data Sheet 10KB 
T702012 Care and Use Guide for Discovery Zr-PBD  Data Sheet 19KB 
T702013 Care and Use Guide for Discovery Zr-Carbon  Data Sheet 15KB 
T702014 Care and Use Guide for Discovery Zr-CarbonC18  Data Sheet 15KB 
T702015 Care and Use Guide for Discovery BIO PolyMA-SCX  Data Sheet 10KB 
T702016 Care and Use Guide for Discovery BIO PolyMA-WAX  Data Sheet 10KB 
T202009 Introducing Discovery Zr: HPLC Method Development at pH and Temperature Extremes (Vol. 20.9)  Article 130 KB 
T403156 Modified Zirconia Stationary Phases for Anal of Small Molecules in LC (EAS 2003) Presentation 190KB  17 
T403158 Comparison of Zirconia & Silica-Based stationary phases  (EAS 2003) Presentation 428 KB  18 
T403163 Reversed-Phase Nucleotide Separations  (EAS 2003) Presentation 189 KB  19 
T403166 Advantages of Alternate Stationary Phase Chemistries for LC/MS  (EAS 2003) Presentation 379 KB  31 
T403168 Novel LC/MS Compatible Stationary Phase with Polar Selectivity   (EAS 2003) Presentation 492 KB  22 
T402056 Low or No TFA Reversed-Phase Polypeptide Sep on Discovery BIO Wide Pore Media  Presentation 519 KB  12 
T402057 Protein/Peptide Separation:A Comparison of Stability and Selectivityof C5 and C4 Bonded Phases  Presentation 356 KB  16 
T402058 Biomolecule Separation and Analysis on HPLC Columns  Presentation 195 KB  20 
T402119 Unique Retention and Selectivity of Retention and Selectivity of F5 Phases for LC/MS Analyses  Presentation 182 KB  16 
T403057 HPLC Separations at pH Extremes Using Zirconia Solid Supports  Presentation 149 KB  16 
T403058 HPLC Column Comparison Screening Study for Reversed Phase Columns  Presentation 122 KB  19 
T399148 Separating Water-Soluble Vitamins by Reversed Phase HPLC, Using a Discovery C18 Column  Application Note 148 53KB 
T399149A Separating Fat-Soluble Vitamins by Reversed Phase HPLC, Using Discovery Columns  Application Note 149 73KB 
T399150 Separating Atrazine and its Metabolites by Reversed Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns  Application Note 150 123KB 
T399151A Separation of β-Lactam Antibiotics by Reversed Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns  Application Note 151 61KB 
T399152 Separations of Peptide Antibiotics by Reversed Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns  Application Note 152 56KB 
T399153 Separations of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics by Reversed-Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns  Application Note 153 60KB 
T399154 Separations of Tetracycline Antibiotics by Reversed Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns  Application Note 154 60KB 
T399155 Quantitative Analysis of Gabapentin from Serum by Reversed Phase HPLC Using Discovery C18 Columns  Application Note 155 59KB 
T399156 Quantitative Analysis of Ibuprofen and Indomethacin from Serum by Reversed Phase HPLC Using Discovery C18 Columns  Application Note 156 57KB 
T300162 Separations of Paclitaxel and Its Metabolite 6α-hydroxypaclitaxel by Reversed-Phase HPLC using Discovery Columns  Application Note 162 64 KB 
T302166 Getting Started with RP-HPLC for Peptides  Application Note 166 69 KB 
T302167 Increase Sensitivity and Decrease Sample Consumption Using Microbore and Capillary HPLC Column Dimensions  Application Note 167 53 KB 
T302168 Eliminate TFA and Improve Sens. of Peptide Analyses Eliminate TFA and Improve Sensitivity of Peptide Analyses by LC/MS  Application Note 168 58 KB 
T302169 Effect of Stationary Phase on Selectivity of Reversed-Phase HPLC Separations of Polypeptides  Application Note 169 75 KB 
T302170 Analysis of the Quaternary Amines Paraquat and Diquat by HPLC  Application Note 170 36KB 
T303178 RP-HPLC Separation of Crude Synthetic Dual-Labeled Oligonucleotides and Synthetic By-Products  Application Note 178 466 KB 
T003002 Separation of Rapamycin and 32-Desmethoxyrapamycin on Discovery HS C18  Application Note 02 21 KB 
T003004 Analysis of Amphetamines on Discovery C18  Application Note 04 17 KB 
T003005 Separation of Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol and Benzaldehyde on Discovery HS C18  Application Note 05 16 KB 
T003006 Steroids on Discovery HS PEG  Application Note 06 17 KB 
T003007 Steroids on Discovery C18  Application Note 07 17 KB 
T003008 Furosemide and Indapamide by HPLC  Application Note 08 414 KB 
T003029 Analysis of Conjugated Flavonoids on Discovery HS C18  Application Note 29 416 KB 
T003030 Analysis of Amphetamines on Discovery HS F5  Application Note 30 18 KB 
T003031 Analysis of Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben and Potassium Sorbate on Discovery HS PEG  Application Note 31 415 KB 
T003032 Analysis of Norepinephrine Metabolites on Discovery HS F5  Application Note 32 417 KB 
T003033 Analysis of Norepinephrine and 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl glycol on Discovery HS F5  Application Note 33 415 KB 
T003045 Resolution of Acrylic Derivatives on Discovery Zr-Carbon  Application Note 45 420KB 
T003046 Drugs of Abuse on Discovery HS F5  Application Note 46 421KB 
T003001 Analysis of Tetracycline Antibiotics on Discovery HS F5  Application Note 01 20 KB 
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T495123 SUPELCOGEL TPR-100 Modular Column  Product Information 115KB 
T295013 A New, High Efficiency Resin for Reversed Phase HPLC  Article 494KB 
T394020 Separation of Carbohydrates and Fermentation Products in Beverages, Using HPLC  Application Note 020 119 KB 
T394021 Separation of Organic Acids in Beverages Using a SUPELCOGEL C-610H HPLC Column  Application Note 021 136 KB 
T397117 High-Resolution Separations of Nonionic Surfactant Oligomers, Using Normal Phase HPLC  Application Note 117 137 KB 
T397144 HPLC Separation of Acidic Pesticides, Using a SUPELCOGEL TPR-100 Column  Application Note 144 132 KB 
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T494075 TSK-Gel Gel Filtration Columns  Product Information 71KB 
T494076 TSK-GEL Gel Filtration Columns  Product Information 56KB 
T494077 TSK-Gel Ion Exchange Columns  Product Information 45KB 
T494078 TSK-GEL Hydrophobic Interaction Columns  Product Information 56KB 
T494079 TSK-GEL Reversed Phase Columns  Product Information 20KB 
T494080 TSK-GEL Affinity Columns  Product Information 38KB 
T109862 TSK-GEL Nonporous Resin Columns for Rapid Analysis of Proteins, Peptides, and Nucleic Acids  - Bulletin 862 Technical Report 297 KB 
T197919 An Innovative Approach to Coffee Characterization, Using Size Exclusion Chromatography and High Resolution  - Bulletin 919 Technical Report 146 KB 
T296046 2µm Silica Packing Ensures Faster HPLC Analyses and Superior Resolution of Problem Analytes  Article 125KB 
T297025 An Innovative Approach to Coffee Bean Characterization, Using SEC and Principal Component Analysis  Article 59KB 
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T494128 SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus Universal Reversed Phase HPLC Columns  Product Information 116KB 
T495004 SUPELCOSIL Preparative HPLC Columns  Product Information 112KB 
T195867 PTH Amino Acid Analyses on Deactivated 2.1mm ID and 4.6mm ID HPLC Columns- Bulletin 867  Technical Report 168 KB 
T194885 Universal Reversed Phase HPLC Column Simplifies Method Development  - Bulletin 885 Technical Report 148 KB 
T111889 Improve Resolving Power and Peak Symmetry for Active Analytes by Using an HPLC Phase with Unique Selectivity  - Bulletin 889 Technical Report 135 KB 
T197913 Rapid, Reliable Nucleotides Analyses, Using SUPELCOSIL LC-18-T HPLC Columns  - Bulletin 913 Technical Report 139 KB 
T295015 Anti-Inflammatory Components of Mushroom Extract on SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus HPLC Columns  Article 146KB 
T295022 Improve Resolving Power for Active Analytes by Using an HPLC Phase with Unique Selectivity  Article 93KB 
T295023 Monitoring Antioxidant Additives in Foods, Using HPLC or Capillary GC and a New Reference Standards Kit  Article 79KB 
T296045 Fat Soluble Vitamins Analyses by HPLC  Article 117KB 
T297011 Fast, Efficient Separation of Aniline Metabolites, Using a SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus HPLC Column  Article 117KB 
T297012 Fast HPLC Analysis of Wine Acids Using a SUPELCOSIL SAX1 Column  Article 109KB 
T297023 Separation and Identification of Higher Fullerenes, Using HPLC/MS  Article 124KB 
T297024 Rapid, Reliable Nucleotides Analyses, Using Conventional or Ion Pairing Reversed Phase HPLC  Article 120KB 
T297033 Solid Phase Microextraction for HPLC Analysis of Pesticides  Article 109KB 
T297034 Rapid HPLC Analysis of PAH Compounds, Using Porous 3µm Particles  Article 119KB 
T297073 Post-Column Photochemical Reaction Enhances Detection in HPLC Assays of Tamoxifen or Aflatoxins  Article 126KB 
T394013 Simultaneously Analyze Benzodiazepines by HPLC  Application Note 013 123 KB 
T394014 Rapidly Analyze Sodium in Foods, Using Solid Phase Extraction and Cation-Exchange HPLC  Application Note 014 212 KB 
T394015 HPLC Column Offers Longer Lifetime and Improved Resolution of Taxanes  Application Note 015 171 KB 
T394024 Analyze Acids, Bases, and Zwitterions, Using a SUPELCOSIL LC-ABZ HPLC Column  Application Note 024 141 KB 
T394025 Analyze Acidic and Basic Pharmaceuticals, Using a Deactivated SUPELCOSIL LC-ABZ HPLC Column  Application Note 025 130 KB 
T394026 Monitor Homologous Catecholamines by HPLC Using a SUPELCOSIL LC-ABZ Column  Application Note 026 147 KB 
T394043 Monitor Salicylic Acid Purity, Using USP XXII Method and a SUPELCOSIL LC-18 HPLC Column  Application Note 043 141 KB 
T394044 Separation of Furosine in Dairy Products, Using Reversed Phase HPLC  Application Note 044 132 KB 
T394046 Separating Homologs and Polymers by HPLC  Application Note 046 130 KB 
T394060 Extraction of Paraquat and Diquat from Water, Using ENVI-8 DSK Solid Phase Extraction Disks  Application Note 060 174 KB 
T395069 Separate and Monitor Porphyrin Isomers by Reversed Phase HPLC  Application Note 069 132 KB 
T396092 Monitoring Carbonyls in Air Using the LpDNPH S10 Cartridge with Analysis by HPLC  Application Note 092 129 KB 
T396093 HPLC Analysis of Patulin in Apple Juice  Application Note 093 138 KB 
T396098 SPME/HPLC Interface Combines Fast Sample Extraction with Efficient Analysis for Explosives  Application Note 098 134 KB 
T396099 SPME/HPLC: A Rapid and Sensitive Analysis of Polynuclear Aormatic Hydrocarbons in Water  Application Note 099 136 KB 
T396100 Solid Phase Extraction/HPLC Analysis of Acidic Herbicides in Drinking Water  Application Note 100 127 KB 
T396102 Separation and Quantitation of Aflatoxins M1 and M2 Using TFA Derivatization and HPLC  Application Note 102 138 KB 
T396106 Analysis of Surfactants in Water by SPME/HPLC  Application Note 106 134 KB 
T396115 Efficient Separation of Aniline Metabolites Using a SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus HPLC Column  Application Note 115 127 KB 
T397118 Separation of Organic Acids and Bases, Using a SUPELCOGEL TPR-100 HPLC Column  Application Note 118 155 KB 
T397120 Post-Column Photochemical Reaction Engances Detection in HPLC Assays of Tamoxifen or Aflatoxins  Application Note 120 167 KB 
T397121 Solid Phase Microextraction for HPLC Analysis of Carbamate and Urea Pesticides  Application Note 121 177 KB 
T397122 Separation and Identification of Higher Fullerenes, Using HPLC/MS  Application Note 122 137 KB 
T397124 Fast, Simple Separation of Dabsylated Amino Acids  Application Note 124 154 KB 
T397126 Analyses of Underivatized Sugars and Oligosaccharides by HPLC  Application Note 126 138 KB 
T397128 Rapid Monitoring of Chloramphenicol by HPLC  Application Note 128 139 KB 
T397129 Analyze Antihistamines Rapidly on a Deactivated HPLC Column  Application Note 129 127 KB 
T397130 Rapidly Separate β-Adrenergic- and Calcium Channel-Blocking Drugs by HPLC  Application Note 130 152 KB 
T397131 Isocratic Analysis of Tetracycline Antibiotics Using a SUPELCOSIL LC-18-DB HPLC Column  Application Note 131 134 KB 
T397132 Monitoring Antiarrhythmic Drugs and Tricyclic Antidepressants by HPLC  Application Note 132 139 KB 
T397133 SUPELCOSIL HPLC Columns Provide Rapid Analyses of Plant Growth Regulators  Application Note 133 135 KB 
T397134 Monitor Dinitroaniline Herbicides in Wastewater by HPLC  Application Note 134 131 KB 
T397135 Antiarrhythmic Drugs on Short Columns, Using Simple Mobile Phase Adjustements  Application Note 135 133 KB 
T397138 Rapid HPLC Analysis of PAH Compounds, Using Porous 3um Particles  Application Note 138 144 KB 
T397140 Analysis of Fat Soluble Vitamins from Tablets, Using SPME/HPLC  Application Note 140 115 KB 
T397145 A Shielded Hydrophobic HPLC Phase for Drugs in Biological Matrices  Application Note 145 130 KB