Frequently Asked Questions – Analytical Chemistry Products

The following links provide information or answers relating to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our consumables and services for analytical chemistry.

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Resolution Equation; HPLC Column Fundamentals  
When & How to Use Alternate Selectivity
Tips for Method Development (using Ascentis® & Discovery® Columns)

Gas Chromatography
Molded GC Septa (Proof of Low Bleed and High-Puncturability)

Chiral Chromatography
Chiral FAQs
Column Screening & Small-Scale Purification Services

Solid Phase Microextraction
Fiber Selection (by Analyte Type)
Performance Tips for Collection of Volatiles & Semivolatiles

Solid Phase extraction (SPE)
SPE Phases - Overview & Application (by Analyte Type)
Normal Phase Methodology
Reversed-phase Methodology 
Ion Exchange Methodology
SPE Application – Request Assistance
Dispersive (QuEChERS) SPE – Custom Request
What are Molecularly Imprinted Polymers or MIPs?

Syringe Selection
General Tips for Syringe Care
Hamilton FAQs
Analytical Standards
By Application Areas & Techniques
Specialty Packaging Service

Analytical Reagents
Derivatization Reagent Selection (by Application)

Karl Fischer Titration (Basic Principles, Variations)
Volumetric Titration (Basic Principles, Application Tips)

Air Monitoring
Carbon Adsorbents (Physical Characteristics, Cross-Reference)
Cross-Reference for SKC® Products
What is Passive/Diffusive Sampling?
What is radiello®?
How is radiello used? (Parts & Components)
Applications for radiello Passive Samplers
radiello FAQs

Introduction (Microorganisms, Factors Affecting Growth, Culture Methods, Identification)
Which Media To Use? (by Application & Microorganism)
Media Preparation