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Air Monitoring  
t110873 Bulletin 873 Thermal Desorption Applications Guide for Model 890/891 Thermal Desorption Unit  349 KB  16 
T494099 Product Information T494099 ORBO Solvent Desorption Tubes  66KB 
Chemical Standards back to top
T196909 Bulletin 909 Guide to Derivatization Reagents for GC  177 KB  12 
Gas Chromatography back to top
T394016 Application Note 016 Improved Design Graphite Ferrules Help Ensure Leak-Free Connections for Capillary GC  151 KB 
T395076 Application Note 076 The Effect of Temperature and Pressure on GC Flow Measurements  139 KB 
T395082 Application Note 082 Low Bleed, High Temperature GC Septa Improve Baseline Stability  129 KB 
T100737 Bulletin 737 Amines Analysis by Packed Column GC  167 KB 
T100741 Bulletin 741 The Supelco Guide to Leak-Free Connections: Ferrules and Fittings for Packed and Capillary GC  309 KB 
T100783 Bulletin 783 Cleaning Flame Ionization Detectors - When and How  260 KB 
T109792 Bulletin 792 Packed Column GC Troubleshooting Guide: How to Locate Problems and Solve Them  2,241KB  32 
T112853 Bulletin 853 Capillary GC Troubleshooting Guide: How to Locate Problems and Solve Them  849 KB  40 
T111875 Bulletin 875 Supelco Capillary GC Columns  418 KB  36 
T194877 Bulletin 877 Chiral Cyclodextrin Capillary GC Columns  607 KB  36 
T195895 Bulletin 895 Installation and Maintenance of 0.25mm and 0.32mm ID Fused Silica Capillary Columns  352 KB 
T195896 Bulletin 896 Installation and Maintenance Instructions for Wide Bore (0.75mm) Capillary Columns  443 KB 
T195897 Bulletin 897 Installation and Maintenance Instructions for 0.53mm ID Fused Silica Capillary Columns  323 KB 
T196899 Bulletin 899 Capillary GC Inlet Liner Selection Guide  449 KB  12 
T196909 Bulletin 909 Guide to Derivatization Reagents for GC  177 KB  12 
Gas Management back to top
T100848 Bulletin 848 Supelco Gas Purifiers for Total Protection of GC Systems  360 KB 
T196898 Bulletin 898 Gas Management Systems for GC  1788 K  32 
T197918 Bulletin 918 Selecting Purifiers for Gas Chromatography  543 KB  12 
T198921 Bulletin 921 Gas Supply for Gas Chromatography: How to Compare the Costs of Cylinders and Generators  475 KB 
HPLC and LPLC back to top
T394001 Application Note 001 Concentrate Ethidium Bromide Waste Using Polymer-Filled Adsorbent Cartridges  238 KB 
T394007 Application Note 007 Monitor Pesticides in Water Samples Using a Deactivated Reversed Phase HPLC Column  128 KB 
T394046 Application Note 046 Separating Homologs and Polymers by HPLC  130 KB 
T100788 Bulletin 788 Guidelines for Formulating Mobile Phases for Various Reversed Phase HPLC Columns  156 KB 
T100826 Bulletin 826 HPLC Troubleshooting Guide  448 KB  20 
T194881 Bulletin 881 Supelco LC Media Selection Guide  508 KB  12 
T194885 Bulletin 885 Universal Reversed Phase HPLC Column Simplifies Method Development  148 KB 
T494128 Product Information T494128 SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus Universal Reversed Phase HPLC Columns  116KB 
Purge and Trap back to top
T197916 Bulletin 916 Purge-and-Trap System Guide  376 KB 
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) back to top
T394027 Application Note 027 Extract Nonvolatile Pesticides from Drinking Water, Using a Graphitized Carbon Adsorbent  130 KB 
T197910 Bulletin 910 Guide to Solid Phase Extraction  661 KB  12 
T412130 Product Information T412130 Supelclean Solid Phase Extraction Tubes  77KB 
T495023 Product Information T495023 Visiprep Large Volume Sampler  161KB 
T495121 Product Information T495121 Visiprep Solid Phase Extraction Vacuum Manifolds  285KB 
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) back to top
T396098 Application Note 098 SPME/HPLC Interface Combines Fast Sample Extraction with Efficient Analysis for Explosives  134 KB 
T196901 Bulletin 901 Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC Analysis of Drugs, Alcohols, and Organic Solvents in Biolog  116 KB 
T198923 Bulletin 923 SPME: Theory and Optimization of Conditions  414 KB 
T199925 Bulletin 925 SPME Application Guide  333 KB  67