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T394003 Application Note 003 133 KB  GC Monitoring of Chlorinated Pesticides in Hazardous Waste Sites 
T394004 Application Note 004 127 KB  Identify the Correct Heptachlor Epoxide Isomer by Capillary GC 
T394006 Application Note 006 123 KB  Solid Phase Microextraction of Semivolitile Compounds 
T394007 Application Note 007 128 KB  Monitor Pesticides in Water Samples Using a Deactivated Reversed Phase HPLC Column 
T394011 Application Note 011 141 KB  Solid Phase Microextraction of Volatile Compounds 
T394012 Application Note 012 138 KB  ,2  Improved Purge-Trap/GC Analysis of Volatiles in Drinking Water by US EPA Method 524.2 
T394017 Application Note 017 122 KB  Polyacrylate Film Fiber for Solid Phase Microextraction of Polar Semivolatiles from Water 
T394018 Application Note 018 152 KB  Determination of Bis(2-chloroisopropyl)ether Using Chiral Capillary GC 
T394027 Application Note 027 130 KB  Extract Nonvolatile Pesticides from Drinking Water, Using a Graphitized Carbon Adsorbent 
T394028 Application Note 028 131 KB  Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Site Samples by Solid Phase Extraction 
T394029 Application Note 029 130 KB  Purge Trap for GC Analyses of Volatile Aromatic (BTEX) Compounds in Soils and Sediments 
T394030 Application Note 030 131 KB  Adsorbent Trap for GC Analyses of Volatile Organic Compounds in Wastewater 
T394031 Application Note 031 143 KB  Monitor Airborne Diisocyanates Using ORBO-80 Coated Filters 
T394032 Application Note 032 127 KB  Use Solid Phase Extraction to Isolate Phenols from Aqueous Samples 
T394033 Application Note 033 156 KB  Monitor Organophosphorus Pesticides in Air, Using ORBO-49P Tubes and Capillary GC 
T394048 Application Note 048 140 KB  SPB-Octyl Capillary Column Resolves Coplanar PCBs 
T394049 Application Note 049 137 KB  SPB-50 Capillary Column for Environmental Applications 
T394054 Application Note 054 168 KB  Extract Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Water, Using Solid Phase Extraction Disks 
T394055 Application Note 055 220 KB  Extraction of Phthalates and Adipates from Water, Using Solid Phase Extraction Disks 
T394056 Application Note 056 144 KB  Fast Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC 
T394057 Application Note 057 150 KB  Product Redesign of Chemical Standards Improves Atrazine and Simazine Stability - Verified by Capill 
T394058 Application Note 058 139 KB  Fast Screening for Chlorinated Pesticides by Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC 
T394059 Application Note 059 224 KB  Extraction of Organic Compounds from Water, Using ENVI-18 DSK Solid Phase Extraction Disks 
T394061 Application Note 061 132 KB  Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC: Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Gasoline in Fire Debris 
T395064 Application Note 064 129 KB  Low Background Solid Phase Extraction and Capillary GC Analysis of Chlorinated Pesticides 
T395065 Application Note 065 130 KB  ENVI-18 SPE Tube Ensures Low Background for Monitoring Organic Compounds in Drinking Water by EPA Me 
T395067 Application Note 067 131 KB  Solid Phase Extraction of PCBs from Transformer Oil and Waste Oil, and Analysis by Capillary GC 
T395081 Application Note 081 170 KB  Monitor BTEX Compounds and Fuels in Water, Using Solid Phase Microextraction and Capillary GC 
T395088 Application Note 088 132 KB  Capillary GC Analyses of Triazine Pesticides in Dry Pet Food 
T396104A Application Note 104 174KB  Analysis of Stack Emissions Using VOST Air Sampling Tubes and Capillary GC 
T397127 Application Note 127 136 KB  Solid Phase Extraction Provides Interference-Free Samples for Analyzing Triazine Herbicides 
T399150 Application Note 150 123KB  Separating Atrazine and its Metabolites by Reversed Phase HPLC, using Discovery Columns 
T300158 Application Note 158 70KB  Analysis of 209 PCB Congeners 
T300159 Application Note 159 53KB  Quantitative Analysis of Semivolatile Organic 
T300160 Application Note 160 105KB  The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds 
T100758 Bulletin 758 208 KB  Analyzing Chlorinated Pesticides by Packed Column and Capillary Column GC 
T100769 Bulletin 769 345 KB  12  Monitoring Airborne Contaminants in Workplace Atmospheres, Using Sampling Devices and GC or HPLC 
T100775 Bulletin 775 239 KB  12  USEPA Procedures for Wastewater Analyses by Packed Column GC and HPLC 
T100816 Bulletin 816 246 KB  Analyzing Trace Amounts of Solvents in Water Using Packed Column GC 
T100817 Bulletin 817 256 KB  10  Analyses of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Mixtures and Individual Congeners by GC 
T100826 Bulletin 826 448 KB  20  HPLC Troubleshooting Guide 
T100841 Bulletin 841 252 KB  Chlorinated Pesticides Analysis by Capilary GC: Alternative Approaches 
T100846 Bulletin 846 301 KB  Carbotrap Carbon Black 
T109861 Bulletin 861 212 KB  Monitor Nonvolatile Organic Compounds in Enviornmental and Other Samples 
T109865 Bulletin 865 265 KB  16  GC/HPLC Analyses of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water: US EPA Procedures 
T110874 Bulletin 874 125 KB  Monitor Volatile Organic Compounds in Water by Capillary GC - Without Cryogenic Refocusing 
T195875 Bulletin 875 849 KB  40  Supelco Capillary Column Selection Guide 
T196898-90 Bulletin 898 (Spanish Version) Supelco Capillary Column Selection Guide  Supelco Capillary Column Selection Guide  Supelco Capillary Column Selection Guide 
T199924 Bulletin 924 140 KB  ASSET-32 Air Sampling Solid Extraction Tubes: Specifications - Performance - Validation Data - Round Robin Evaluation 
T199925 Bulletin 925 333 KB  67  SPME Application Guide 
T401093 Product Information Sheet T401093 76 KB  Thermal Desorption Tube Accessories for PerkinElmer Equipment 
T400003 Product Information T400003 48KB  Therm-O-Ring Seals - High Temperature Gc Inlet O-Rings 
T400004 Product Information T400004 312KB  Septum Insertion Tool 
T400005 Product Information T400005 140KB  ms-NoVent* — A New Time Saving Accessory for GC/MS Systems 
T400006 Product Information T400006 160KB  Inlet Seals for Hewlett Packard GCs 
T400021 Product Information T400021 459 KB  Packard 9000-Series Hydrogen Generators 
T400022 Product Information T400022 419kb  Packard 9800 Hydrogen generator 
T400023 Product Information T400023 477 KB  Packard Zero Air Generators 
T400100 Product Information T400100 232KB  ASI Static Mixers from Supelco 
T400119 Product Information T400119 2,367KB  Supelco Specialty Packaging Services 
T400126 Product Information T400126 683KB  21  Automated Air Sampling 
T400127 Product Information T400127 291KB  18  Air Monitoring Application 
T400129 Product Information T400129 215KB  29  The Analysis of all 209 PCB Congeners on the SPB™-Octyl and MDN™-5S Capillary Columns 
T400156 Product Information T400156 614KB  32  A Systematic Approach 
T400205 Product Information T400205 364KB  Three-Part Total Purification System for Gas Chromatography 
T401028 Product Information T401028 736 KB  Thermal Desorption Tubes for GERSTEL® Analytical Equipment 
T412017 Product Information T412017 84KB  Chemical Standards: TCLP Mixes 
T412078 Product Information T412078 77KB  Chemical Standards: Purgeables Mixes 
T412124 Product Information T412124 126KB  1-Liter Vacuum Bag Sampler 
T412125 Product Information T412125 129KB  10-Liter Vacuum Bag Sampler 
T412130 Product Information T412130 77KB  Supelclean Solid Phase Extraction Tubes 
T413098 Product Information T413098 127 KB  GOW-MAC Gas Products 
T494004 Product Information T494004 135KB  New SPB-50 Capillary Columns for Environmental Application 
T494015 Product Information T494015 129KB  Rezorian A161 Cartridges 
T494042 Product Information T494042 181KB  TO-14 Gas Standards 
T494053 Product Information T494053 191KB  Packard Zero Air Generator 
T494071 Product Information T494071 165KB  Reference Standards for ICR -- Haloacetic Acids 
T494111 Product Information T494111 133KB  24-Hour Sampler, Model 1064 
T494119 Product Information T494119 99KB  Gasoline Oxygenate Reference Standards for ASTM Method D4875 
T494128 Product Information T494128 116KB  SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus Universal Reversed Phase HPLC Columns 
T494132 Product Information T494132 83KB  Haloacetic Acid Standards for Analysis of Drinking Water by Capillary GC 
T495004 Product Information T495004 112KB  SUPELCOSIL Preparative HPLC Columns 
T495009 Product Information T495009 84KB  Explosive Standards 
T495020 Product Information T495020 133KB  Sequential Sampler, Model 1063 
T495021 Product Information T495021 130KB  PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler 
T495023 Product Information T495023 161KB  Visiprep Large Volume Sampler 
T495028 Product Information T495028 119KB  LpDNPH S10, S10x, S10L Cartridges 
T495047 Product Information T495047 122KB  MonoBeads Support/Mono Q and Mono S Ion Exchange Chromatography Columns 
T495049 Product Information T495049 94KB  Supelco Chemical Standards for US EPA Method 8260A 
T495121 Product Information T495121 285KB  Visiprep Solid Phase Extraction Vacuum Manifolds 
T495123 Product Information T495123 115KB  SUPELCOGEL TPR-100 Modular Column 
T495136 Product Information T495136 91KB  Carbonyl-DNPH Calibration Standards 
T495145 Product Information T495145 127KB  SRS-3000 Solvent Recovery System for HPLC 
T496037 Product Information T496037 128KB  Solid Phase Microextraction Sampling Stand 
T496049 Product Information T496049 167KB  SPME/HPLC Interface 
T496053 Product Information T496053 118KB  Model 1000 Digital Liquid Flowmeter 
T496079 Product Information T496079 125KB  OPTI-PRIME Priming Valve for Waters Pumps 
T496127 Product Information T496127 127KB  HiTrap Desalting Column 
T496153 Product Information T496153 104KB  Centrisart C4 Centrifugal Microconcentrator 
T496155 Product Information T496155 147KB  Centribind Centrifugal Membrane Adsorber Units 
T496179 Product Information T496179 444KB  Sartobind Membrane Adsorber Units 
T497021 Product Information T497021 109KB  Aeronex GateKeeper Purifiers 
T497077 Product Information T497077 231KB  Jun-Air Oilless Air Compressor -- Model 2000-40MD 
T497080 Product Information T497080 137KB  HiTrap Columns 
T497105 Product Information T497105 79KB  SPME Portable Field Sampler with Carboxen/PDMS Fiber 
T497172 Product Information T497172 86KB  Amberlite XAD-2 Polymeric Adsorbent 
T497174 Product Information T497174 86KB  SPME Portable Field Sampler with 100µm PDMS Fiber 
T497179 Product Information T497179 175KB  Eppendorf HPLC Temperature Control Systems 
T497184 Product Information T497184 184KB  PIAB Lab Vac Pumping Systems 
T497209 Product Information T497209 97KB  Aeronex GateKeeper Purifier Model 400KGG 
T498002 Product Information T498002 99KB  SoloMix Calibration Standards for Semivolatile Compounds 
T498010 Product Information T498010 210KB  Jun-Air Oilless Air Compressor -- Model 600-25MD 
T498024 Product Information T498024 281KB  Preppy Vacuum Manifold for SPE 
T498039 Product Information T498039 101KB  Supelco Packed GC Columns for Sulfur Analyses 
T498304 Product Information T498304 218KB  Model 1067 Dual Channel Ambient Air Sampler 
T499077 Product Information T499077 179KB  MSA Detector Tubes and Sampling Pumps 
T499199 Product Information T499199
479KB  NITROX UHP Hydrogen Generators 
T499200 Product Information T499200 414KB  NITROX UHP Pure Air Generators 
T499201 Product Information T499201 417KB  Nitrox UHP CO2 - Removing Pure Air Generators 
T499202 Product Information T499202 416KB  NITROX UHP Zero Air Generators 
T499203 Product Information T499203 732KB  NITROX UHP Hydrocarbon-Free Nitrogen (Zero Nitrogen) Generator 
T499204 Product Information T499204 730KB  NITROX UHP LC/MS Nitrogen Generators 
T499205 Product Information T499205 1037KB  NITROX UHP High-Purity Nitrogen Generators 
T499230 Product Information T499230 726KB  NITROX UHP Air/Nitrogen Generators 
T200010 Reporter 18.10 1,023KB  Scale-up of Fast Analytical to Fast Preparative Separations 
T200011 Reporter 18.11 1,292KB  Maximize Column Lifetime Using Supelco Gas Purifiers 
T200002 Reporter 18.2 415 KB  Getting Started in Capillary Gas Chromatography 
T200005 Reporter 18.5 456 KB  When the Separation Doesn't Work on the First Try .. 
T200007 Reporter 18.7 1,400KB  The Importance of Pure Air for Maximum FID Performance 
T200009 Reporter 18.9 1,168KB  Proper Column Installation 
T201001 Reporter 19.1 949 KB  SPME - A Fast and Inexpensive Approach to Trace Organic Analysis 
T294036 Reporter Reprint T294036 124KB  New ASTM Method for Monitoring Ethylene Oxide in the Workplace 
T294045 Reporter Reprint T294045 131KB  New Perkin-Elmer Thermal Desorption Tubes for Analyzing Toxic Organic Compounds in Air 
T294056 Reporter Reprint T294056 147KB  Atrazine and Simazine - Product Redsign Improves Compounds Stability 
T295014 Reporter Reprint T295014 75KB  Alternatives for Separating Volatile Organic Compounds by Capillary GC 
T295024 Reporter Reprint T295024 64KB  Fast Screening for Chlorinated Pesticides, Using Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME) and Capillary GC 
T295025 Reporter Reprint T295025 80KB  Solid Phase Microextraction of Alcohols and Small Polar Analytes for Capillary GC 
T295032 Reporter Reprint T295032 74KB  Monitoring Aldehydes in Air, Using a New Adsorbent Cartridge and Reference Standard and HPLC 
T295033 Reporter Reprint T295033 928KB  Polyacrylate File Fiber for Solid Phase MicroExtraction of Polar Semivolatiles from Water 
T295042 Reporter Reprint T295042 693KB  Field Concentration of Toxic Organics in Air 
T295045 Reporter Reprint T295045 70KB  GC Monitoring of Chlorinated Pesticides in Hazardous Waste Sites 
T296012 Reporter Reprint T296012 78KB  New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC 
T296014 Reporter Reprint T296014 145KB  Low Level Determination of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Enviromental Samples Using GC/MS 
T296015 Reporter Reprint T296015 128KB  Thermogreen LB-2 Septa: Real World Perfromance Tests 
T296016 Reporter Reprint T296016 206KB  New Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Applications for SPME/HPLC 
T296023 Reporter Reprint T296023 113KB  Remediation of VOC-Contaminated Groundwater with Ambersorb® 563 Adsorbent 
T296024 Reporter Reprint T296024 121KB  Use of BSTFA Silylating Reagent to Prepare Volatile Derivatives for GC 
T296026 Reporter Reprint T296026 119KB  New Method for Monitoring Toluene Diisocyanates in Air, Using ORBO-80 Filters and HPLC 
T296031 Reporter Reprint T296031 465KB  Analyzing Stack Gas Semivolatiles, Using Supelpak-2 Adsorbent and Capillary GC (Modified Method 5, US EPA SW-846) 
T296032 Reporter Reprint T296032 51KB  New Supelcarb™ Split Vent Trap Exhibits Longer-Lasting Trapping of Toxic Compounds 
T296033 Reporter Reprint T296033 157KB  Solid Phase Microextraction: Rapid and Versatile Extraction for GC or HPLC Applications 
T296034 Reporter Reprint T296034 157KB  Analyze Stack Emissions, Using VOST Air Sampling Tubes and Capillary GC 
T296035 Reporter Reprint T296035 107KB  Alternative Analysis of Formaldehyde-DNPH and Other Carbonyl-DNPH Derivatives by Capillary GC 
T296044 Reporter Reprint T296044 130KB  Single Solid Phase Ectraction Procedure Yields Base/Neutral and Acid Fractions 
T296046 Reporter Reprint T296046 125KB  2µm Silica Packing Ensures Faster HPLC Analyses and Superior Resolution of Problem Analytes 
T296065 Reporter Reprint T296065 133KB  New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC 
T296066 Reporter Reprint T296066 103KB  Three-Part Total Purification System for Gas Chromatography 
T297011 Reporter Reprint T297011 117KB  Fast, Efficient Separation of Aniline Metabolites, Using a SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus HPLC Column 
T297014 Reporter Reprint T297014 111KB  Air Sampling of VOCs Using New SPME Portable Field Sampler 
T297015 Reporter Reprint T297015 92KB  Carbon Adsorbents in Space Exploration Applications 
T297021 Reporter Reprint T297021 117KB  Versatile Amberlite XAD-2 Resin Now Available 
T297031 Reporter Reprint T297031 111KB  Polysiloxane Capillary Column for GC Analysis of Basic Organic Compounds 
T297032 Reporter Reprint T297032 120KB  Monitoring VOCs in Ambient Air: A New EPA Method and a Complete Solution 
T297033 Reporter Reprint T297033 109KB  Solid Phase Microextraction for HPLC Analysis of Pesticides 
T297034 Reporter Reprint T297034 119KB  Rapid HPLC Analysis of PAH Compounds, Using Porous 3µm Particles 
T297042 Reporter Reprint T297042 31KB  SPME/Capillary GC Analysis of Solvents from Water at Low ppb Levels 
T297043 Reporter Reprint T297043 154KB  Clean-Certified-Packaged (CCP) LC Media: Custom-Prepared Does Not Equal Expensive! 
T297044 Reporter Reprint T297044 110KB  Tetraethyl pyrophosphate (TEPP) - Formulation Stability and Intervendor Comparison 
T297045 Reporter Reprint T297045 64KB  Field Sampling for Pesticides, Using Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC 
T297051 Reporter Reprint T297051 108KB  SPME/GC Analyses of Sulfur Gases and VOCs, Using a New Carboxen/ PDMS Fiber 
T297055 Reporter Reprint T297055 58KB  Designing Gas Management Systems for GC: Part 4 - Tips for Using Gas Generators 
T297061 Reporter Reprint T297061 127KB  Fast Screening of Water and Soil Samples, Using Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) 
T297075 Reporter Reprint T297075 57KB  Enantiomeric Analysis of 4-Methyloctanoic Acid by Chiral Gas Chromatography 
T297094 Reporter Reprint T297094 111KB  Calibration standards for Toxic Organics Methodology 
T298043 Reporter Reprint T298043 126KB  Versatile Amberlite XAD-2 Resin Available Worldwide 
T298051 Reporter Reprint T298051 110KB  64-Component Standard for CLP Semivolatiles 
T499115 Slide Presentation T499115 232KB  18  Validation of a New Air Sampling Solid Extraction Tube (ASSET) as a Time-Saving Alternative to Glass Sorbent Tubes