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T209004-SPME Reporter Article 211 KB 2 The Analysis of Resveratrol in Red Wine by On-Fiber Derivatization/SPME
T209004-MET-Biodiesel Reporter Article 236 KB 3 Determination of Triglycerides and Waxes in Food Products Using Cool On-Column Injection and the MET-Biodiesel Capillary Column
T209004-SupelMIP Reporter Article 215 KB 3 Extraction of Nitroimidazoles from Milk and Eggs using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

T394014 Application Note 014 212 KB  Rapidly Analyze Sodium in Foods, Using Solid Phase Extraction and Cation-Exchange HPLC 
T394020 Application Note 020 119 KB  Separation of Carbohydrates and Fermentation Products in Beverages, Using HPLC 
T394021 Application Note 021 136 KB  Separation of Organic Acids in Beverages Using a SUPELCOGEL C-610H HPLC Column 
T394024 Application Note 024 141 KB  Analyze Acids, Bases, and Zwitterions, Using a SUPELCOSIL LC-ABZ HPLC Column 
T394034 Application Note 034 139 KB  Reproducible Analyses of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acid Methyl Esters by Capillary GC 
T394037 Application Note 037 120 KB  Analyze Sterols, Using Special-Purpose Capillary GC Column 
T394044 Application Note 044 132 KB  Separation of Furosine in Dairy Products, Using Reversed Phase HPLC 
T394050 Application Note 050 143 KB  Identifying Bacteria by Analyzing Their Cellular Fatty Acids 
T395079 Application Note 079 149 KB  Analyzing Citrus Oil Using SPB-5 and SPB-Octyl Capillary GC Columns 
T399148 Application Note 148 53KB  Separating Water-Soluble Vitamins by Reversed Phase HPLC, Using a Discovery C18 Column 
T300164 Application Note 164 174KB  The Anaylsis of Alcoholic Beverages 
T100737 Bulletin 737 167 KB  Amines Analysis by Packed Column GC 
T100787 Bulletin 787 148 KB  One-Step Triglyceride Separation by Reversed Phase HPLC Without Argentation 
T100790 Bulletin 790 158 KB  Improved Resolution of Alcoholic Beverage Components by Packed Column GC 
T100800 Bulletin 800 154 KB  Separation and Quantification of Aflatoxins B and G Using HPLC 
T100832 Bulletin 832 127 KB  Analytical and Small Preparative Scale Protein Separations, Using Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatogr 
T110855 Bulletin 855 224 KB  12  Analyzing Fatty Acids by Capillary Gas Chromatography 
T109856 Bulletin 856 255 KB  12  Analyzing Fatty Acids by Packed Column Gas Chromatography 
T195869 Bulletin 869 223 KB  Solid Phase Microextraction: Solventless Sample Preparation for Monitoring Flavor Compounds by Capil 
T195875 Bulletin 875 849 KB  40  Supelco Capillary Column Selection Guide 
T195887 Bulletin 887 212 KB  HPLC Carbohydrate Column Selection Guide 
T196898-90 Bulletin 898 (Spanish Version) 868 KB 32 HPLC Carbohydrate Column Selection Guide 
T199925 Bulletin 925 333 KB  67  SPME Application Guide 
T295023 Reporter Article 79KB  Monitoring Antioxidant Additives in Foods, Using HPLC or Capillary GC and a New Reference Standards Kit 
T295031 Reporter Article 64KB  Choosing an HPLC Column for Carbohydrate Analyses 
T296011 Reporter Article 103KB  Comparison of New 37 Component FAME Standard on Four Capillary Columns of Different Polarities 
T296012 Reporter Article 78KB  New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC 
T296015 Reporter Article 128KB  Thermogreen LB-2 Septa: Real World Perfromance Tests 
T296016 Reporter Article 206KB  New Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage Applications for SPME/HPLC 
T296024 Reporter Article 121KB  Use of BSTFA Silylating Reagent to Prepare Volatile Derivatives for GC 
T296033 Reporter Article 157KB  Solid Phase Microextraction: Rapid and Versatile Extraction for GC or HPLC Applications 
T296045 Reporter Article 117KB  Fat Soluble Vitamins Analyses by HPLC 
T296046 Reporter Article 125KB  2µm Silica Packing Ensures Faster HPLC Analyses and Superior Resolution of Problem Analytes 
T296052 Reporter Article 72KB  Solid Phase Extraction of Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables, for Analysis by GC or HPLC 
T296055 Reporter Article 122KB  Fast Screening of Wines Using SPME/GC 
T296056 Reporter Article 147KB  Comparison of SPB-PUFA and Omegawax Capillary Columns for FAMEs Analysis by GC 
T296065 Reporter Article 133KB  New Interface Combines Solid Phase Microextraction with HPLC 
T296066 Reporter Article 103KB  Three-Part Total Purification System for Gas Chromatography 
T297012 Reporter Article 109KB  Fast HPLC Analysis of Wine Acids Using a SUPELCOSIL SAX1 Column 
T297022 Reporter Article 110KB  Use Styrene-Divinylbenzene resins for Faster, More Efficient Sugar Refining 
T297025 Reporter Article 59KB  An Innovative Approach to Coffee Bean Characterization, Using SEC and Principal Component Analysis 
T297035 Reporter Article 53KB  Solid Phase Extraction of 200 Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables, for Analysis by GC or HPLC 
T297041 Reporter Article 148KB  Chiral Gas Chromatography of Citronellal, beta-Citronellol and Linalool on a beta-DEX 225 Column 
T297043 Reporter Article 154KB  Clean-Certified-Packaged (CCP) LC Media: Custom-Prepared Does Not Equal Expensive! 
T297052 Reporter Article 130KB  A Versatile New Chiral Capillary GC Column - beta-DEX 325 
T297053 Reporter Article 120KB  Derivatization of Corn Oil for Analysis by GC 
T297054 Reporter Article 119KB  Characterization of Beer Samples, Using SPME/Capillary GC Analysis 
T297073 Reporter Article 126KB  Post-Column Photochemical Reaction Enhances Detection in HPLC Assays of Tamoxifen or Aflatoxins 
T297075 Reporter Article 57KB  Enantiomeric Analysis of 4-Methyloctanoic Acid by Chiral Gas Chromatography 
T297085 Reporter Article 55KB  Aflatoxin Standards Available from Supelco 
T298043 Reporter Article 126KB  Versatile Amberlite XAD-2 Resin Available Worldwide 
T400133 Slide Presentation 209 KB  32  Analysis of Flavors and Off-Flavors in Foods and Beverages Using SPME