Milliflex Oasis® System for Bioburden and Water Testing

Unmatched comfort in microbial testing

Our Milliflex Oasis® filtration system for water and bioburden testing comes with a myriad of new features to make your membrane filtration workflow more efficient. 96 new features take care of all that matters in productivity—reliability of results and regulatory compliance. Watch our videos to learn how the Milliflex Oasis® System brings unmatched comfort to your lab.

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Demo Video: How to use the Milliflex Oasis® System


Key benefits: Productivity, Result Reliability, Regulatory Compliance (back to top)


Milliflex Azure® - makes it easy to read the sample volume (back to top)


Milliflex Microlite® - allows quick connection of the power and drain tubing (back to top)


Milliflex Protact® - ensures accurate results (back to top)


Milliflex Rack & Stack® - stackable plates and funnel trays (back to top)


Milliflex Trace® - for complete traceability (back to top)