Dehydrated Microbial Culture Media

Powdered and granulated culture media – designed to your microbial testing needs

Our broad range of high-quality dehydrated culture media products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, beverage, water and other industries ensures you find the medium you need and achieve accurate results. In the course of 2021 we will restructure our dehydrated culture media portfolio in 2 main trademarks and 3 quality control levels to make it easier for you to find the the right medium with the required regulatory compliance.

GranuCult® prime and plus granulated culture media

GranuCult® prime and plus granulated culture mediaSuperior low-dust granulated culture media, developed with more than 100 years of experience:

  • Excellent wettability, solubility and free flowing properties
  • Convenient, with minimal component separation and clumping, even under warm or humid conditions
  • Prolonged shelf life of up to five years
  • High number of test strains exceeding regulatory demands
  • Granulation technology allowing many supplements to be included, with no need to add these separately



NutriSelect® prime, plus and basic powdered culture media

GranuCult® prime and plus granulated culture mediaPowdered high-quality and cost-efficient powdered culture media, all made from high quality raw materials.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Many applications, from academic research to industry standards
  • Novel media formulations, e.g. non-animal derived alternatives (Vegitone line), synthetically defined media, chromogenic media (ChromoSelect line)



Quality control levels

Basic, plus and prime—our three QC levels clearly indicate the degree to which our GranuCult® and NutriSelect® culture media are compliant, making it easy for you to find the dehydrated culture medium to match your needs.

Quality control level Regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory F&B and Pharma industry standards
  • QC with Growth Promotion Test acc. to regulatory standards (ISO, FDA-BAM, EP, USP and QC under ISO 17025 accreditation)
  • Quality control with Growth Promotion
  • Test acc. to industry standards
  • Quality assurance acc. to ISO 9001
media only)
  • Basic QC
  • Quality assurance acc. to ISO 9001

Choose your media type and QC level according to your needs. You will find all the information on regulatory compliance with additional reference standards on the product label or technical data sheet.

Preweighed Readybag® media pouches

NutriSelect® prime, plus and basic powdered culture media

Preweighed and gamma-irradiated Readybag® granulated culture media pouches can speed up and simplify your workflow when your number of pathogen sample increases. They eliminate the need for autoclaving or supplement handing and require no need for equipment. Readybag® pouches are available for:


  • Salmonella (Buffered Peptone Water) for 25 g and 375 g food samples
  • Listeria (Half Fraser Broth) for 25 g and 125 g food samples



Culture media specialties

They make rapid culture testing reliable: our ChromoCult® chromogenic culture media, ReadyCult® and FluoroCult® fluorogenic culture media. Chromogenic or fluorogenic substrates are digested by specific enzymes of certain target microorganisms, resulting in a change of color or in fluorescence. Such substrates are at the core of powerful alternatives to conventional microbiological methods for the rapid and sensitive detection of bacteria. Our specialty media have the same high quality as our GranuCult® culture media.