Lenticule® discs

Sigma-Aldrich takes over the Production and Distribution
of Public Health England’s Certified Reference Materials

Sigma-Aldrich is excited to offer the global scientific community access to the LENTICULE® disc portfolio.
The CRM LENTICULE discs are used as controls in food, water and environmental testing microbiology laboratories.

What are LENTICULE® discs?
LENTICULE® discs contain viable microorganisms in a certified and narrow defined quantity (ISO/IEC 17025), produced under reproducible conditions (ISO Guide 34). The bacterial and fungal strains are prepared directly from strains selected from PHE’s National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) and National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (NCPF). The discs consist of bacteria or fungi in a solid water soluble matrix. Microorganisms in this form are stable for at least one year and are in a viable stage (no lag phase or recovery time). Each batch is provided with a comprehensive certificate of analysis that specifies the mean number of colony forming units (cfu), an expanded uncertainty about the mean, details about the method used to determine the product data and the number of passages (subcultures) from the original strain.


  • QC to assure the quality of test results (water, food, beverage, environmental etc)
  • Performance testing of media acc. ISO 11133
  • Validation of new methods
  • Start material for Proficiency testing or ring trials
  • Method development
  • Staff training
  • Starter cultures


Storage: -20°C
Shipment at room temperature!

The product concentrations are designed in a range where no or only minimal dilution must be done. The discs dissolve in liquid media and on agar plates which means easy handling but it is also a very economical solution.
Most solid and liquid medium or rehydration buffer can be used. The disc can be rehydrated in as little as 100 µL, or in larger volumes, e.g. 100 mL medium. It is also possible to add the disc to a molten medium used for pour plate techniques. The rehydration process takes approximately 10 minutes. On solid media, the disc forms a droplet that can be spread with a sterile loop. In liquid media, the disc dissolves very quickly.

LENTICULE® discs are manufactured by Sigma-Aldrich under licence from Public Health England.

The Launch of the LENTICULE® discs will coming soon. Until then they can be ordered from Public Health England.