Microbiology Quality Control - Proficiency Testing

To test a performance or validate a microbiological method also typical samples should be used. RTC a Sigma-Aldrich Company produce therefore samples with defined organisms in a defined concentration and in a defined matrix. This certified reference materials (CRMs) is produced, certified and traceable in accordance with ISO Guide 34:2009 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Such samples build as well the base for proficency testing (or interlaboratory comparison).

WP = Water Pollution
WS = Water Supply

What are “3 Levels” Micros?
Three independent standards of three different concentrations to meet specific state requirements.

What are “4 Levels” Micros?
The 4 Level sets are designed to meet the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) proficiency testing requirements of testing 4 levels twice per year.

For single defined standard concentration for a specific organisms see also our portfolio of certified Vitroids.

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MIC007 E. coli in Drinking and Surface Water PT- Quantitative - WS Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC007 E. coli in Drinking & Surface Water - Quantitative - WS QC
MIC022 E.coli in Seawater - Quantitative WP
MIC003 E. coli in Water PT- Quantitative WP Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC003 E. coli in Water - Quantitative WP QC
MIC014 E. coli PT- Sludge Proficiency Testing Material
MIC009 E. coli Quantitative PT- Soil Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC009 E. coli Quantitative - Soil QC
MIC015 Fungi and Yeast PT- WS Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC015 Fungi and Yeast - WS QC
MIC004 Legionella in Water PT - WP Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC004 Legionella in Water - WP QC
QCMIC001 Microbiological - WS 10 Sample QC Set
MIC008 Pseudomonas aeruginosa PT - WS Proficiency Testing Material
MIC013 Salmonella PT- Sludge Proficiency Testing Material
MIC021 Salmonella - P/A 5 samples
MIC012 Standard Plate Count PT- WP Proficiency Testing Material
MIC002 Standard Plate Count PT - WS Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC011 Streptococcus/Enterococcus - Drinking & Surface Water QC
MIC011 Streptococcus/Enterococcus PT- Drinking & Surface Water Proficiency Testing Material
MIC005 Total and Fecal Streptococcus/Enterococcus PT - WP Proficiency Testing Material
QCMIC005 Total & Fecal Streptococcus/Enterococcus - WP QC
MIC016 WS-Enterococci PT-Sample (1-10) Proficiency Testing Material
MIC001 WS-Microbiological PT - Sample (1-10) Proficiency Testing Material