FluoroSELECT Swab Tests

FluoroSELECT Assays are rapid tests based on an assay with fluorogenic substrate and a fluorometer. There are easy-to-use swab tests for the rapid detection of E. coli, MRSA and Gram-negative bacteria. The assay is highly specific as characteristic peptidases are detected and very robust.
With the FluoroSELECT single channel fluorometer (fluorescence: ex 600 nm; em 650 nm) is also possible to indirectly detect algae cell concentration by detecting phycocyanine in cells which is proportional to the cell concentration and an indicator for toxin production.
There are also other /analytical-chromatography/analytical-products.html?TablePage=112518978">chemical and biochemical FluoroSELECT Assays for quantitative testing.

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53649 FluoroSELECT E.coli Assay Kit
91333 FluoroSELECT Gram Negative Assay Kit
42779 FluoroSELECT MRSA Assay Kit for microbiology
Z805726 FluoroSELECT single channel fluorometer fluorescence λex 360 nm; λem 460 nm
Z805602 FluoroSELECT single channel fluorometer fluorescence λex 480 nm; λem 530 nm
89463 FluoroSELECT single channel fluorometer fluorescence λex 600 nm; λem 650 nm
94478 FluoroSELECT Total Coliform Assay Kit for microbiology
Z805823 Glass vials for FluoroSELECT fluorometer O.D. × L 6 mm × 25 mm, volume nominal capacity 200 μL