Agar is available in a range of qualities dictated by the target application. For example, agar (Cat. No. 05038) is highly purified and ideal when high transparency and brightness is needed, as in nutritional studies (Vitamin Assay Media) and sensitivity testing procedures, or when high purity and good diffusion of substances is essential. For identification and differentiation we recommend using a purified or even highly purified agar. However, when isolating a single colony in most cases a standard quality will suffice. Typical solid media has an agar concentration of 1.0 - 1.5%, to accommodate the requirements of different applications and growth habits of the target microorganisms. For more details please contact our technical service.

Our base agars for microbiology:
  • 05038 Agar, highly purified
  • 05039 Agar, purified
  • 05040 Agar, standard quality

For special applications, see product list below.

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A1296 Agar microbiology tested, suitable for plant cell culture, suitable for cell culture, powder
05040 Agar powder, for microbiology
A7002 Agar ash 2.0-4.5%
05039 Agar for microbiology
05038 Agar for microbiology
A6686 Agar Bacteriological, microbiology tested, suitable for plant cell culture, granular
56763 Agar high purity, low ionic content, low gel strenght
05729 Agar for chromogenic media
42146 Agar for membrane filtration, low gel strenght
A5306 Bacteriological agar for molecular biology
A5431 Noble agar
A5054 Select agar