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61724 Liver Broth for microbiology   For preliminary testing and for the enrichment of Clostridia and other anaerobes from meat, food and other material according to Kelch.
70148 Nutrient Agar for microbiology   A general culture medium for less fastidious microorganisms as well as for permanent cultures. Add blood serum, or other biological fluids if required.
70116 Nutrient Agar No 2 for microbiology   General purpose medium recommended for sporulation.
04163 Nutrient Agar No 2, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone Nutrient Agar No 2 This Nutrient Agar contains only plant peptone instead of animal peptone. It is used for the cultivation of bacteria and for the enumeration of organisms in water, sewage, feces and other materials.
75405 Orange-serum Agar for microbiology   Orange-serum Agar can be used for the isolation, cultivation and enumeration of acid-tolerant spoilage microorganisms in fruit juice and fruit juice concentrates, in particular from citrus fruit, according to Hays, Troy and Beisel.
The prepared agar may be turbid after autoclaving due to orange extract.
Orange-serum Agar has been used to prepare modified orange serum (MOS) as a medium for Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.
70152 Plate Count Agar for microbiology Standard Methods Agar Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar A non-selective medium for the plate count of microorganisms in water, milk and other dairy products.
88588 Plate-Count-Agar according to Buchbinder et al. for microbiology Casein-peptone Dextrose Yeast Agar according to Buchbinder et al. Standard Methods Agar according to Buchbinder et al. Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar according to Buchbinder et al. Plate-Count-Agar of microrganisms in food, dairy products, water and waste water.
19718 Plate Count Agar, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone Plate Count Agar for the plate count of microrganisms in foods, water and waste water
70139 Potato Dextrose Agar for microbiology Potato Glucose Agar Recommended for the isolation and enumeration of yeasts and molds in dairy products and food.
S3306 Sabouraud dextrose broth for microbiology   Recommended for the selective cultivation of yeasts, molds and aciduric bacteria.
84086 Sabouraud 2% Glucose Agar for microbiology Dermasel Agar For the cultivation, isolation and identification of pathogenic fungi and yeasts.
84088 Sabouraud 4% Glucose Agar for microbiology   for the cultivation of pathogenic and non-pathogenic fungi, especially dermatophytes.
89579 Sabouraud Glucose Agar with Chloramphenicol for microbiology   For the selective cultivation, isolation and identification of fungi and yeasts.
70196 Wort Agar for microbiology   Wort Agar has been used to cultivate Aspergillus niger.
53493 Wort Broth for microbiology   for the detection and enumeration of fungi, particularly yeasts in butter, syrups, and other materials, especially in the soft drinks industry