Anaerobic Bacteria

Mesophilic anaerobes: Indication of a possible contamination of the raw material, insufficient hygiene, poor storage or possible pathogenic microorganisms.

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B2551 Brewer thioglycollate medium for microbiology
B2926 Brucella Agar with Hemin and Vitamin K1 for microbiology
91903 Bryant and Burkey Medium for microbiology
60865 Cooked Meat Broth for microbiology
61724 Liver Broth for microbiology
46379 Meat Liver Agar for microbiology
91019 Schaedler Agar for microbiology
70157 Thioglycollate Broth (USP Alternative) for microbiology
T3938 Tryptone Soya Broth without dextrose for microbiology
W1761 Wilkins Chalgren anaerobic agar for microbiology