Acinetobacter is a strictly aerobic, nonfermentative and Gram-negative bacillus belonging to the Gammaproteobacteria. The bacterium is non-motile, oxidase-negative, nitrate-negative and can be quite variable in Gram staining from human clinical specimens, and therefore this test can not be used for differentiation. Acinetobacteria show preponderantly a coccobacillary shape on nonselective agar and rods dominate in fluid media, especially during the log growth phase.
It is widely distributed in nature, an important soil bacterium for the mineralization, found in sewage, and water and in the hospital environment. Causes hospital-acquired respiratory, urinary tract, wound infections, abscesses, and meningitis in debilitated humans (building of multi resistant germs).

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51405 MacConkey-Agar (without salt) suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Plus
75315 OF Test Nutrient Agar suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Basic
17226 Universal Beer Agar suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Plus