Nonselective media for Lactobacillus

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70138 Brain Heart Infusion Agar for microbiology BHI Agar A solid medium for the cultivation of fastidious pathogenic bacteria such as Streptococci and Neisseria.
17123 Elliker Broth for microbiology Lactobacillus Broth For culturing Streptococci and Lactobacilli of importance in the dairy industry.
69964 MRS Agar for microbiology Lactobacillus Agar according to DeMan, Rogosa and Sharpe For the enrichment, cultivation and isolation of all species of Lactobacillus from all types of material
N7404 Niacin assay medium for microbiology   Recommended for the microbiological assay of Niacin or Niacinamide.
70152 Plate Count Agar for microbiology Standard Methods Agar Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar A non-selective medium for the plate count of microorganisms in water, milk and other dairy products.
19718 Plate Count Agar, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone Plate Count Agar for the plate count of microrganisms in foods, water and waste water
80957 Plate Count Skim Milk Agar for microbiology   For the enumeration of bacteria in milk and dairy products.
17216 Tomato Juice Agar for microbiology   For the cultivation and enumeration of Lactobacilli.
17218 Tomato Juice Broth for microbiology   For cultivation of yeasts and other aciduric microorganisms.
T2188 Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar for microbiology TGYE Agar Recommended for enumeration of bacteria in water, air, milk and dairy products.
B3801 Vitamin B12 assay medium for microbiology   Recommended for microbiological assay of Vitamin B12.
82897 Vitamin B12 Assay Medium for microbiology   For the microbiological assay of vitamins B12 in drugs, foodstuffs, animal feed preparations and other materials.
Y3127 Yeast malt agar for microbiology   Used for the isolation and cultivation of yeasts, molds and other aciduric microorganisms.