Nonselective & Differential Media for Lactobacillus

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55420 CLED Agar for microbiology BROLACIN Agar Bromothymol-blue Lactose Cystine Agar Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte Deficient Agar CLED Agar is recommended for isolation, enumeration and identification of urinary pathogens.
17158 Litmus Milk for microbiology   For maintenance of Lactobacilli and for determining the action of bacteria on milk.
17153 LS Differential Agar for microbiology Lactobacillus Streptococcus Differential Agar For the maximum growth and differentiation of Lactobacilli and Streptococci on the basis of colonial morphology, T.T.C. reduction and casein reaction.
17222 WL Nutrient Agar for microbiology Wallerstein Laboratory Nutrient Agar WL Nutrient Agar is suitable:
• for reviving yeast stock cultures and for population dynamics studies post fermentation
• for morphological characterization of yeast isolated from cheese
• for plating fermented wine for yeast species isolation