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Nonselective media for Molds & Yeasts (General Media)

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22089 Casein peptone Lecithin Polysorbate Broth for microbiology TAT Broth Tryptic Soy Lecithin Polysorbate Broth Tryptone Soya Lecithin Polysorbate Broth For the dilution of samples from pharmaceutical, cosmetic and raw material or end-products, for the purpose of enumeration.
42347 Corn Meal Agar for microbiology   Corn Meal Agar is recommended for chlamydospore production by Candida albicans and the maintenance of fungal stock cultures.
70185 Czapek Dox Agar for microbiology   A semi-synthetic solid medium, containing sucrose as C-source and nitrate as the sole source of nitrogen, useful for the general cultivation of fungi, yeasts and soil bacteria.
C1551 Czapek-Dox broth for microbiology    
70146 Malt Extract Broth for microbiology   A liquid medium for the cultivation of yeasts and molds.
70139 Potato Dextrose Agar for microbiology Potato Glucose Agar Recommended for the isolation and enumeration of yeasts and molds in dairy products and food.
28976 Thioglycollate Medium with K Agar for microbiology   Recommended for isolation, detection and enumeration of yeasts and molds.
Y3127 Yeast malt agar for microbiology   Used for the isolation and cultivation of yeasts, molds and other aciduric microorganisms.
Y3752 Yeast malt broth for microbiology   Used for the isolation and cultivation of yeasts and molds.