Nonselective & Differential Media for Clostridia

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70133 Blood Agar (Base) for microbiology   A non-selective medium for the isolation and cultivation of many pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms.
G0289 Gelatin iron medium for microbiology   Used for detecting gelatin liquification and hydrogen sulfide production.
61348 Lactose Gelatin Medium (Base) for microbiology   For the detection of lactose and gelatine metabolizing microorganisms (Cl. perfringens).
46379 Meat Liver Agar for microbiology Liver Meat Agar For the cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms.
14305 Motility Nitrate Medium for microbiology   Selective medium for motile nitrate-utilizing microorganisms (Ps. aeruginosa, Cl. perfringens).
70151 Nutrient Gelatin for microbiology   Nutrient Gelatin is recommended for the determination of gelatin-liquefying microorganisms as well as for the enumeration of proteolytic organisms in water by the plate count test.
91015 Tributyrin Agar for microbiology   For the detection and enumeration of lipolytic microorganisms in food and other material (staphylococci, pseudomonads, clostridiae and marine flavobacteria).