Nonselective media for Citrobacter

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39484 Methyl Red Voges Proskauer Broth for microbiology, NutriSelect Plus Buffered Glucose Broth Glucose Phosphate Broth MR VP Broth A classic liquid medium recommended for the Methyl-red and Voges-Proskauer tests for the differentiation of the coli-aerogenes group according ISO standards 6579 and 6585 and FIL - IDF 93 standard.
77185 Peptone Water for microbiology, NutriSelect Plus   For pre-enrichment of bacteria, in particular pathogenic members of the Enterobacteriaceae, from food and clinical specimens.
77187 Peptone Water, phosphate-buffered for microbiology, NutriSelect Plus Buffered Peptone Water Tryptone Phosphate Water Buffered peptone water may be used to homogenize poultry samples. It may also be used in microbial culture of Staphylococcus aureus and followed by GC-MS analysis to determine the chemical composition of galangal extraxt and HPLC analysis to isolate compounds of Indian gooseberry extract.