Nonselective & Differential Media for Citrobacter

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A0715 Andrade peptone water for microbiology Peptone Water (Andrade) A basal medium to which various carbohydrates can be added to study fermentation reactions.
D2935 Decarboxylase broth base, Moeller for microbiology   Used to differentiate bacteria on the basis of their ability to decarboxylate amino acids.
60787 Kligler Agar for microbiology Kligler Iron Agar Useful differential medium in the study of gram-negative intestinal microorganisms.
62915 Lysine Iron Agar for microbiology   Test agar for the simultaneous detection of lysine decarboxylase and formation of hydrogen sulfide in the identification of Enterobacteriaceae, in particular Salmonella and Arizona according to Edwards and Fife.
00563 MM ChromoSelect Agar for microbiology ChromoSelect Miller and Mallinson Agar MM Agar ChromoSelect MM ChromoSelect Agar is recommended for identification and differentiation of Salmonella and non-salmonella like Citrobacter from water samples.
44940 Triple Sugar Iron Agar for microbiology TSI Agar For the identification of Enterobacteriaceae acc. to Sulkin and Willett (1940), modified acc. to Hajna (1945).
92499 Triple Sugar Iron Agar (acc. to ISO) for microbiology TSI Agar Differential medium for identification of enterobacteria, according to ISO 6579, 6785 and 10272 Standards.