Selective media for Bifidobacteria

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90273 BSM Broth suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Basic Bifidus Selective Medium Broth For the selective isolation and identification of Bifidobacteria. The medium is used for quality control in the manufacture of dairy products.
43314 TOS-propionate agar medium (acc. ISO) suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Plus BSC Propionate Agar Base Bifidobacteria Selective Count Agar Base TOS-MUP Agar (Base) Transgalctosylated oligiosaccharide agar medium TOS-propionate agar medium is recommended for enumeration of presumptive Bifidobacteria by colony count technique from milk products.
W1761 Wilkins Chalgren anaerobic agar suitable for microbiology, NutriSelect® Plus   Used for the isolation of anaerobic bacteria.