Nonselective media for Enterobacter

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M1053 Motility Test Medium for microbiology   Recommended for the detection of bacterial motility.
72548 Nitrate Broth for microbiology   for detecting nitrate-reducing and indole-producig microorganisms
17181 Nutrient Broth pH 6.9 without NaCl for microbiology   Used as general purpose medium for the cultivation of microorganisms.
T2188 Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar for microbiology TGYE Agar Recommended for enumeration of bacteria in water, air, milk and dairy products.
93657 Tryptone Medium for microbiology   For the detection of indole production by coliforms
70194 Tryptone Water for microbiology   A liquid medium for the detection of indole-forming microorganisms due to its high content of tryptophan, it is more reliable than peptone water for this purpose.
Tryptone water is primarily used for the cultivation and maintenance of fastidious aerobic and facultative microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas species.
17221 Tryptone Yeast extract Agar for microbiology   Recommended by ISO Committee for estimation of microbial counts in water under the specification ISO 6222:1988.
01497 Yeast Extract Agar for microbiology Water Plate Count Agar A highly nutritive medium containing yeast extract as a source of vitamines. Used for the plate count of organisms in water.