Cronobacter spp.

Name: Enterobacter sakazakii or Cronobacter spp.
A taxonomic reclassification of the neonatal pathogen Enterobacter sakazakii to consist of four species, one genomospecies, and two subspecies within a new genus, "Cronobacter," has in 2007 been proposed.
  • C. sakazakii comb. nov. with C. sakazakii subsp. sakazakii comb. nov. and C. sakazakii subsp. malonaticus subsp. nov.
  • C. muytjensii sp. nov.
  • C. dublinensis sp. nov.
  • C. turicensis sp. nov.
  • Cronobacter genomospecies 1

Symptoms: causes sepsis, meningitis and gastric disease in neonates, mostly pre-term infants, low birth weight infants or immunocompromised infants in the first weeks (opportunistic pathogen!)
Minimum Infectious Dose: Unknown (for mice 108 cfu)
Inkubation Time: ca. 3 h
Duration of Illness: ? (permanent damages possible)
Trigger Factor: Mechanismus is not fully understand but it is assumed that endotoxines are produced. The bacterium can adhere to the cells and penetrate into various of cells (e.g. endothelial cells). Survives in makrophages.
Infection Source:
  • Naturally source is not fully understand. It was isolated from production facilities, but also from the environment (ubiquitary)
  • infant formula
  • UHT-milk
  • cheese
  • fermented bread
Possibilities to minimise the Risk:
  • Store food in refrigerator and not too long
  • Prepare milk from the powder immediately before use with boiled water, do not store for longer times.

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