HybriScan Rapid Test Systems for Food & Beverages

For Detection and Identification of Microorganisms in Food, Beverages and Water

Use HybriScan for comprehensive and reliable routine control of microbial contamination in food production, from raw materials to finished goods. Utilizing "SELF-contained" technology, HybriScan is based on the detection of microbe-specific rRNA using sandwich hybridization. The signal read-out is triggered optically by an enzymatically-generated color change.
Sensitive and specific – the method is based on molecular genetic identification
Easy – no PCR required, quantitative without cell counting, uses standard laboratory equipment
Low-cost – economical, high throughput, 96-well microplate format
Fast – results obtained in under 3 hours

The BENEFITS of HybriScan relative to conventional methods:
• Rapid, sensitive and reliable (without PCR)
• Time savings of up to 10 days compared to cultivation-based assays
• Discriminates between live and dead cells
• High flexibility (group- or species-specifi c detection)
• Robust system not affected by the sample matrix

By applying specific probes, HybriScan enables both group-specific and species-specific detection of spoilage microbes. Its flexibility permits detection of a customized array of microorganisms based on the specific application. HybriScan is ideal for safety and quality control of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, water and food. Specific examples include the detection of food-borne pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria, and counting of Legionella in water, including the most relevant species, L. pneumophila.

• High throughput of up to 96 samples by means of well-plate format
• Easy handling using standard laboratory equipment
• Minimal sample preparation required
• Results are quantitative by using standards

Visit the HybriScan web page for additional information.ma-aldrich.com/microbiology