Yeast Extracts

Hyrolyzed Yeast Extract (Peptone) & Autolyzed Yeast

Yeast extract is a complex and widely used hydrolysate of yeasts. It provides nitrogenous compounds, carbon, sulfur, trace nutrients, vitamin B complex and other important growth factors, which are essential for the growth of diverse microorganisms.
There are two different types of yeast extracts - the hyrolyzed yeast extract, also called yeast peptone, and the autolyzed yeast. The hyrolyzed yeast extract is produced by digestion of exogeneous enzymes or acid to hydrolyze the proteins. A yeast autolysate or yeast autolysate extract is made by fermentation of yeast to a concentration level where the yeast dies and the cells walls break. The proteases from the yeast itself start the digestion of the proteins and split them into peptides and amino acids. The insoluble portion is removed.

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73145 Yeast Autolysate suitable for microbiology
70161 Yeast Extract suitable for microbiology
92144 Yeast Extract suitable for microbiology
09182 Yeast Extract for technical purposes
89526 Yeast Extract micro-agglomerated
07533 Yeast Extract (Vitamin enriched) suitable for microbiology