Surface Monitoring for Pharma and Food & Beverage Industries

Surface Monitoring

Safety matters. When it comes to environmental monitoring, we adhere to the highest safety standards to provide you with the means to identify threats which are invisible to the naked eye, before they can cause costly damage.

 Surface Monitoring for the Pharma Industry

For pharmaceutical industry, we offer a comprehensive range of surface and personnel monitoring solutions for all levels of safety, from less critical environments to highly critical cleanrooms and isolators.

Monitor your surfaces, even the most difficult to access, with our broad range of products:

Contact plates (gamma irradiated, and non-gamma irradiated)
Gamma irradiated swabs
Contact slides







 Surface and Hygiene Monitoring for the Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, surface hygiene monitoring is critical to ensure that your production plants are clean and the contamination risk of products and processes is minimized. For monitoring the efficiency of disinfection routines, proven methods and easy-to-use testing solutions are available for standard and curved surfaces as well as difficult to access areas:

• ATP detection with our MVP ICON® and HY-LiTE® 2 systems
FLASH® for protein testing
HY-RiSE® for rapid NAD detection in less critical areas
Envirocheck® slides, Dip and swab testers for traditional surface monitoring

Click here for more information about our rapid and traditional methods on hygiene monitoring.