Custom Media, Columns, Cartridges for LPLC

To view the range of resins and LPLC media we offer, visit sigma-aldrich.com/resins.

When an off -the-shelf product just won't do, we offer the value of custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements, including a variety of packings, fittings, housings, and quality control testing options.

Custom Packings 
  • Silica gels (Bonded and non-Bonded)
  • Ion exchange media
  • Hydrophobic interaction media
  • Gel filtration media
  • Alumina
  • Florisil
  • Celite
  • HPLC & chiral stationary phases (CSP's)
  • Carbons

The packing material you want can be provided in one of the hardware formats listed here:
  • Porozorb and Rezorian cartridges
  • PD-10 cartridges
  • Low-pressure glass columns
  • Glass flash columns
  • HPLC columns
  • Flash cartridges

Quality Control & Testing
  • User defined


Selection Chart for LPLC and Gravity-Fed Columns
Special Features Pressure Range
PD-10 Open end, polypropylene column Gravity
ACE Gravity ACE-Threds on ends compatible with wide variety of adapters Gravity
Glass Flash Ball or threaded joints available Gravity/Low
Michel-Miller Special column end geometries allow for high performance, low pressure LC Low
LC Glass Available jacketed and non-jacketed with various end types Low
Omnifit® Designed for 20-200 µm resin packings. Can be operated at medium pressures Low/Medium

For additional information, or to request a quote, please contact Supelco_Quotes_SIAL@milliporesigma.com.