Glassware Silanization, Fabrication, Repair Services

Our staff of talented and experienced glassblowers can often repair that difficult-to-replace or expensive piece of broken glassware. There is no charge to have us examine your broken glassware items to see if they can be repaired, just pay return postage if you decide not to proceed.

Custom Fabricated Glassware & Repairs
If you need a unique glassware creation to perform a special job, we have the solution. We specialize in one-of-a-kind pieces and custom glassware requests to meet the specific needs of our customers. All we require is a dimensional drawing or a sketch, and details about any special design requirements; then we can prepare a custom quote to get you exactly what you need.Visit our Glass Center.

Glassware Silanization - Improves Recoveries and Results
We offer our deactivation treatment for all of your glass storage containers. High concentrations of silanol groups (Si-O-H) on untreated glass surfaces can catalyze the decomposition of unstable compounds or adsorb polar compounds through hydrogen bonding. This can reduce recoveries and result in the formation of unwanted decomposition by-products.

Our glassware silanization service creates a more inert glass surface which eliminates many of these issues. In fact, we have approved this same silanization process for containers used with some of our most demanding biological products, and to treat containers for all of our quantitative standards.

Simply send us your glassware, or request silanol deactivation when you purchase your Supelco glassware, to receive a quote for this service. If you wish, we can provide a certificate of treatment.

For additional information, or to request a quote, please contact Supelco_Quotes_SIAL@milliporesigma.com.