Custom Resin Processing & Packaging

With more than 40 years of separations experience, we provide a wide range of resin innovations to meet the unique demands of process chromatographers.

Custom preparation, testing, and packaging is our strength. We have the selection of resins, facilities, expertise, and documented processes, to meet any project requirement.
Benefits of custom resins:
  • Prepared and optimized for your needs
  • Time savings
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Achieve consistent and reproducible results
  • Maintain focus on high value functions
  • Obtain access to our chromatography experts
Custom capabilities:
  • Cleaning
    • Pre-wetting
    • Blending
    • Ion exchange
    • Sanitizing/sterilizing
  • Testing
    • QC analysis
    • Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided
  • Packaging
    • Customer-specified containers
    • Bulk sizes (mg to kg)
    • Clean room conditions

For additional information, or to request a quote, please contact Supelco_Quotes_SIAL@milliporesigma.com.