Bioanalysis: The Analysis of Compounds in Biological Matrices

Maximize the Speed & Sensitivity of Bioanalytical Assays

Sample prep and analysis of bioanalytical samples can be a challenge, whether in DMPK/ADME in pharmaceutical drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and therapeutic drug monitoring in hospitals, testing for forensics and toxicology, metabolomics, or basic biochemical research. Although each application has its unique set of analytes, matrices, and analytical objectives, the overarching need is to maximize sensitivity without compromising accuracy and laboratory throughput. We have developed unique tools to maximize speed and sensitivity throughout the entire bioanalytical workflow, especially in areas that rely on LC-MS since it has become the predominant analytical technique in bioanalysis today.

On-demand webinar presented by Shane Needham, Ph.D. of Alturas Analytics, Inc., hosted by Bioanalysis (registration required): Effects of Matrix Age on Protein Binding Results Extracted with a Phospholipid Removal Plate and Analyzed using Microflow LC-MS/MS

Products for LC-MS Analysis

  • Sample Preparation: HybridSPE®-Phospholipid

    HybridSPE-PL technology is designed for the gross level removal of endogenous protein and phospholipid interferences from biological plasma and serum, prior to LC-MS or LC-MS-MS analysis.

  • Fast HPLC, Fused-Core® Technology

    Ascentis® Express provides the high speed and high efficiency of sub-2 μm particles, but at approximately half the backpressure for the same column length.

  • LC-MS Solvents & Reagents

    Manufactured and tested to ensure the highest specifications and extremely low levels of alkali metal impurities for sensitive LC-MS. Solvent blends offer convenience and time-savings.

Supel™-Select Poymeric SPE

Supel™-Select Polymeric SPE

Hydrophilic modified styrene based polymer developed for the solid phase extraction of a broad range of compounds from aqueous samples.

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TRADEMARKS: HybridSPE, Ascentis, and Supel – Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC; Fused-Core – Advanced Materials Technology, Inc.