Solid Phase Extraction

Unique SPE Products & Hardware

HybridSPE™ Precipitation

Bridging the gap between
simplicity and selectivity in
Pharma Bioanalytical Sample Prep
Dispersive SPE Tubes

Custom pre-weighed salt sorbent
vials for dispersive SPE
SPE Tubes

Reverse SPE tubes prior to elution
to minimize elution volume for
strongly retained compounds

Glass SPE Tubes &
PTFE & SS Frits

Common in environmental
analysis to reduce leachables
from PP hardware and PE frits
Discovery SPE
96-Well Plates

For high throughput
sample preparation
Flangless SPE Tubes
(Custom - Inquire)

Accommodate robotic liquid vials
handling systems
(e.g. Gilson SPE 215™ System)

Sample Prep
Rezorian Cartridges

Luer-Lock® cartridges for positive pressure applications. Can also be used with vacuum
manifold with proper luer connectors

We also offer a variety of Specialty Phases.