Solid Phase Microextraction

SPME-FFA Holder/Sampler and Storage Container

With the introduction of the SPME-Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA) and their ability to be automatically exchanged and desorbed on a CTC type Autosampler using a Multi Fiber EXchange System (MFX) the FFAs open a new dimension for SPME field sampling. Two dedicated fiber holders for the FFA allow for particular types of field sampling:

Fiber Holder (DFH)
a) SPME- Diffusive Fiber Holder (DFH)
     for quantitative air sampling

Field Sampler
b) SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS)
     for grab sampling and sampling under tough conditions

Both holders incorporate a built-in PTFE sealing mechanism ensuring fiber condition and sample integrity during transport. This mechanism relies on a PTFE Sealing Cup into which the SPME fiber tip is placed for sealing during transport to and from the sampling site.

Storage Container
Additionally, there are SPME Storage containers for FFAs and common SPME fibers available employing the same sealing mechanism.

PTFE Sealing Mechanism

PTFE sealing mechanismPTFE SealingAll devices are equipped with the unique Chromline sealing mechanism using a spring loaded PTFE Sealing Cup (Fig.1) that ensures a tight seal of the SPME piercing needle and thereby maintain fiber condition during transport and allowing sample storage on the fiber.

The PTFE sealing cup is available for all types of SPME fiber assembly piercing needles: 23ga beveled or blunt tip, 24ga blunt tip. Notches on the cup body identify the type.

PTFE Sealing