Solid Phase Microextraction

SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS)

SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS), Cat.No. 57554-U

Taking samples out in the field even under adverse conditions can be challenging. This holder enables transport of conditioned and/or sampled fibers safely to and from the sampling site. It is designed for a variety of field sampling applications by exposing the installed SPME-Fast Fit fiber Assembly (SPME-FFA) to the environment to be sampled.

The sampler is self contained and allows safe storage of a conditioned or sampled SPME fiber. The plunger assembly in this holder works as an actuator to expose and retract the fiber but also incorporates a PTFE sealing mechanism to safely transport the conditioned and/or sampled fiber from and to the laboratory. This allows the user to prepare and set up the sampler in a clean environment (e.g. laboratory).

SPME FFA Field Sampler
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Watch a video that demonstrates the SPME FFA Field Sampler.
FFA Fig. 7FFA Fig. 8At the sampling site the user just needs to remove the plunger/protection and use it to expose the fiber to the environment (Fig: 7). During sampling the fiber is protected against mechanical impact (Fig. 8). The interior of the sampler is completely sealed off from the environment reducing the risk of introducing contamination into the lab. After sampling the plunger with the sealing mechanism is placed again on the needle for sealing off the fiber.

The installed SPME-FFA can be desorbed manually with the field sampler by using a manual desorption adapter (57568-U, Fig 9), or by removing the FFA and placing it in an MFX system for automated unattended desorption (Fig.10).

FFA Fig. 9FFA Fig. 10

For more detail on the use of this device please refer to the Manual under Technical Resources below.

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Technical Rescources
Manual - SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS)
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