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Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kits

Choosing the right adsorbent or combination of adsorbents can be difficult: 1) must choose one or more to retain specific analyte(s), 2) may be equally important to release analyte(s) during desorption. We offer several convenient sampler kits, which allow a cost-effective way to evaluate several of our specialty carbon adsorbents. Five kits are offered, covering a wide range of materials:
  • CMS/SGPC Kit I (P/N 13028-U) contains 5 g each of eight adsorbents (20/45 Carboxen® 569, 60/80 Carboxen 1000, 80/120 Carboxen 1012, 60/80 Carboxen 1018, 60/80 Carboxen 1021, 60/80 Carbosieve® G, 60/80 Carbosieve S-III, and 60/80 Graphsphere 2016)
  • CMS/SGPC Kit II (P/N 13369-U) contains 5 g each of nine adsorbents, all in 20/45 mesh (Carboxen 563, Carboxen 564, Carboxen 569, Carboxen 572, Carboxen 1005, Carboxen 1032, Carboxen 1033, Carboxen 1034, and Graphsphere 2017)
  • SGPC Kit (P/N 13384-U) contains 5 g each of four adsorbents (60/80 Graphsphere 2016, 30/45 Graphsphere 2017, 50-60 μm Graphsphere 2027, and 120/400 Graphsphere 2029)
  • 20/40 GCB Kit (P/N 13027-U) contains 5 g each of five adsorbents, all in 20/40 mesh (Carbotrap® B, Carbotrap C, Carbotrap F, Carbotrap X, and Carbotrap Y)
  • 60/80 GCB Kit (P/N 13026-U) contains 5 g each of six adsorbents, all in 60/80 mesh (Carbopack B, Carbopack C, Carbopack F, Carbopack X, Carbopack Y, and Carbopack Z)

Once you find an adsorbent or adsorbents that serve your purpose, we will work with you to either make your device for you, or to supply you bulk adsorbent (in a bottle, jar, or ampule; not packed inside a column or device).

Note: Purchase of any kit is limited to two per customer per calendar year.

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13028-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix CMS/SGPC Kit I
13369-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix CMS/SGPC Kit II
13384-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix SGPC Kit
13027-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix 20/40 GCB Kit
13026-U Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kit matrix 60/80 GCB Kit