Spherical Graphitized Polymer Carbon (SGPC) Adsorbents

A spherical graphitized polymer carbon (SGPC) has an innovative structure; a porous or non-porous core (the carbon framework that remains after pyrolysis of polymeric precursor), and a graphitized shell of a controlled thickness. The graphitization process results in a highly pure surface with great adsorption and desorption (if required) properties. Surface interactions depend solely on dispersion (London) forces. These amorphous/graphitic adsorbents are:
  • Spherical (better packed bed performance than granular particles)
  • Hard and non-friable (pack well, will not break)
  • Used for molecules with an analyte size relative to C5-C12 n-alkanes
  • Hydrophobic (can be used in high humidity environments)

Generally, SGPC adsorbents offer weaker relative adsorptive strength compared to carbon molecular sieve (CMS) adsorbents, and similar relative adsorptive strength compared to graphitized carbon black (GCB) adsorbents. We offer one product line, Graphsphere adsorbents, which are great alternatives to GCB adsorbents (which are granular and friable).

We make four Graphsphere adsorbents. Some are only available as a custom item. Visit our Physical Characteristics and Selection Guide page to view technical information on all our stock and custom Graphsphere adsorbents.

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11021-U Graphsphere Adsorbent matrix Graphsphere 2016, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 10 g