Each year the American Oil Chemists' Society presents an award to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to lipid chemstry. Since 1982, this award has been sponsored by Supelco.
Past recipients of the award are listed below.
If you would like to nominate a colleague for the next annual AOCS Research Award, click here to go to the AOCS website for nomination conditions and procedures.
AOCS Research Award: Recipients
Year Recipient
2007 Edwin N Frankel
2006 Earl Hammond
2005 Marcel S.F. Lie Ken Jie
2004 George M. Carman
2003 Milton J. Rosen
2002 Norman Salem, Jr.
2001 Ching-hsien Huang
2000 Howard Sprecher
1999 Andrew J. Sinclair
1998 Robert G. Jensen
1997 William E.R. Lands
1996 David Kritchevsky
1995 John S. O'Brien
1994 Robert G. Ackman
1993 Salih J. Wakil
1992 Aloys L. Tappel
1991 Fred Mattson
1990 Rodolfo Brenner
1989 Mats Hamberg
1988 Konrad E. Bloch
1987 Andrew A. Bensen
1986 Robert R. Allen
1985 Bengt Samuelsson
1984 Morris Kates
1983 David A. van Dorp
1982 R.M.C. Dawson (first Supelco-sponsored award)
1981 Laurens van Deenen
1980 James F. Mead
1979 Stephen S. Chang
1978 Ralph Holman
1977 George Popjak
1976 no award
1975 W.O. Lundberg
1974 P.K. Stumpf
1973 F.D. Gunstone
1972 A.T. James
1971 E.S. Lutton
1970 E.P. Kennedy
1969 H.J. Dutton
1968 Daniel Swern
1967 Sune Bergstrom
1966 H.E. Carter
1965 Ernest Klenk
1964 Erich Baer