Customized Syringes Capabilities

Custom Syringes

Because of our long-term relationship with our syringe suppliers, we can obtain any syringes not mentioned here as a custom item. The typical delivery time is two to six weeks, depending on what is ordered. If the custom part number is a stock item for one of the manufacturers (SGE, Hamilton, Valco), expect delivery in only 1 - 2 weeks. If you are requesting a custom part number that has a special needle gauge or length, then expect a longer delivery time. Please contact Technical Service for a custom quotation.


Volume Discounts

Supelco offers a large selection of syringes in Multipaks for your convenience and cost-savings. Many are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. The benefits of Multipaks include:
• Economy
• Reduced packaging disposal
• Less lab storage space
• Reduced purchase order placement

View the selection of Multipaks in our web catalog
You may request a custom quotation from Technical Service for larger purchases.


Calibration Services

Hamilton Company offers a calibration service for their precision and Digital Syringes. With the service, Hamilton provides a Certificate of Calibration with the syringe. The calibration procedure is performed with an unbroken chain of calibrations traceable to N.I.S.T. Calibrated precision syringes are available only at the time of purchase. Supelco can offer this service through Hamilton to our customers. At the time of ordering specify you want a calibrated syringe, (which we will obtain from Hamilton), by simply adding the prefix “CAL” to the beginning of Hamilton’s part number. Hamilton Digital Syringes are automatically calibrated prior to shipment. A recalibration service is available for the Digital Syringe. Only return the digital unit without the syringe. There is a charge for the calibration plus the cost of a syringe.

If you are interested in a calibrated Hamilton syringe, please contact Technical Service to begin the process.