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LPLC Purification Media: Custom Solutions to Your Unique Challenges

Sigma-Aldrich offers a broad media portfolio supported by custom services that optimize your purification results
Lori Fields
It has been said that the only thing that all purification applications have in common is that they are all unique. Most users share the common desire to obtain purified material quickly and easily while maximizing purification yields. The special considerations associated with each purification application pose a serious challenge for users in trying to identify the best products to use for their specific applications. To meet the needs of our customers performing purification chromatography, Sigma- Aldrich has put together a broad selection of chromatographic media coupled with a range of custom services (including processing and packaging) that allow us to tailor solutions to our customers’ individual needs rather than limiting them to just a few, off-the-shelf options.

Media Selection

The selection of chromatographic media is a vital step toward successful chromatographic separation and desirable purification results. Columns packed with a variety of materials, inorganic and organic, are used in various chromatographic modes such as adsorption, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion in applications ranging from purification and isolation of low molecular weight compounds to more sensitive bioseparations. We offer a full line of resins and media in convenient package sizes from leading manufacturers, including:
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • Tosoh
  • Merck KGaA
  • Lanxess
  • U.S. Silica
  • Dow/Rohm and Haas
  • GE Healthcare
  • Grace Davison
  • Mitsubishi
Our product range extends from synthetic polymers to traditional inorganic adsorbents including silica, bonded phase silica, alumina and Florisil.

Polymeric Resins
Sigma-Aldrich offers many brands and types of organic (polymeric) resins for general and specialized applications that are suitable for all types of purification processes including:
  • Anion & cation exchange
  • Chelating ion exchange
  • Adsorption
  • Mixed bed ion exchange
  • Nuclear ion exchange
  • Gel filtration

Our comprehensive offering of well-known resin and media brands for laboratory and pilot-scale purification include:
  • Supelite™
  • Supelpak™ 2 (purified Amberlite® XAD®-2)
  • Dowex® Marathon™, Monosphere®, Optipore® , Retardion®
  • Amberlite®, Ambersep®, Amberlyst®, Amberjet®, Ambersorb®, Amberchrom®, Duolite®
  • Diaion®, MCI-GEL®, Sepabeads®
  • Lewatit®
  • Sephadex®
  • Toyopearl®

Inorganic Adsorbents
Sigma-Aldrich’s polymeric resins portfolio is further complemented by a broad range of inorganic adsorption media for a wide variety of purification applications. Our offering of inorganic adsorption media includes:
  • Bare silica
  • Silica, bonded, e.g. C18, C8, aminopropyl, chloropropyl, etc.
  • Florisil® magnesium silicate
  • Activated alumina
  • Celite® and Celite Analytical Filtration Aid (CAFA II)
  • Carboxen™ and carbon molecular sieves

Custom Resin and Media Processing Services

In addition to the stock products already mentioned, Sigma-Aldrich offers custom processing to meet customer specific purification requirements. Following are just a few of the resin and media processing capabilities we offer.

Cleaning – Leachates from raw resins are a significant source of contamination. Our chemists can clean resins using a variety of solvent and solvent-free methods.

Pre-wetting – Dried media is often difficult to handle. We can pre-wet the media with solvents or water, making it compatible with your process and easier to handle with less of the media ending up on your laboratory bench and floor.

Blending – We can blend different resins, eliminating the need for you to do the mixing and keep two or more different resin stocks in your laboratory.

Drying – Residual moisture can interfere with certain analyses or reduce the resin’s capacity or ability to disperse in organic solvents. We can dry nearly any resin to the moisture specifications your application requires.

Ionic form conversion – If an ion-exchange media is supplied by the manufacturer with a counterion that is not ideal for your application, we can convert it and supply the media in the correct ionic form.

Sanitizing and sterilizing – We can assure sterility according to USP methods and test for endotoxins. Many of our sterilization and sanitation processes are customer-defined.

QC testing, including C of A – Supelco is an ISO-9001:2000 registered vendor. We can test and certify resins to meet your specific criteria, using a variety of analytical methodologies.

Custom Packaging

Bulk media or media that we custom process can be supplied to you in nearly limitless formats, from simple storage containers and in-line cartridges to process-specific devices. Single-use, disposable Porozorb™ (250, 1000 and 4000 mL) and Rezorian™ A161 (1 and 5 mL) cartridges are examples of special LPLC media packaging options we can provide to our customers.

Contact Information
For more information on the media and resins with regard to selection and applications or to inquire about custom processing and packaging services, please visit or contact your local Sigma-Aldrich office to speak with one of our Technical Support Specialists.

TRADEMARKS: Amberchrom, Amberjet, Amberlite, Amberlyst, Ambersep, Ambersorb, Duolite, XAD – Rohm and Haas Co.; Supelite, Supelpak  – Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC; Diaion, MCI GEL, Sepabeads – Mitsubishi Chemical; Dowex, Marathon, Monosphere, Optipore, Retardion – Dow Chemical Co.; Lewatit – Bayer AG; Sephadex – GE Healthcare Biosciences AB; Toyopearl – TOSOH Corp.