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Certipur® Buffer Solutions and Substances with
ISO Guide 34 Accreditation

Double Accreditation for Certipur® - Total security for your pH calibration

Certipur® buffer solutions and substances are now accredited as certified reference material according to ISO Guide 34. This adds to our existing ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation as a testing and calibration laboratory. Our double accreditation is the highest possible quality standard for certified reference materials.

Your benefits

  • Ready-to-use, fresh solutions in practical, pre-portioned sachets
  • Certified secondary pH reference material (substances and solutions) for extremely precise qualification
  • Buffer solutions measured at 20°C or 25°C to suit your needs
  • Color-coded buffer solutions to avoid errors
  • Secure Titripac® packaging to prevent contamination
  • Detailed certificate of analysis for every product
  • 5-point calibration for better accuracy
  • Ready-to-use certified buffer solutions acc. to EP & USP

What do ISO Guide 34 & ISO/IEC 17025 mean? Trust.

Developed by the International Standardization Organization, ISO Guide 34 outlines requirements for qualification as a competent producer of reference materials. It is founded on several of our existing accreditations. One of these is ISO/IEC 17025, which concerns the quality control stage. Together, these accreditations mean that you receive the most reliable products and services. In one word: trust.

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