Analytical / Chromatography Videos

HPLC and UHPLC Web Seminars & Videos

Learn about the use and theory of HPLC separations through our web seminars. Topics range from fundamentals to selecting the right column.

Thin-Layer-Chromatography: Need to judge your product? Use HPTLC to get insights into sample composition
HPTLC, the most advanced form of Thin-Layer Chromatography, a powerfully simple and cost-effective tool for identity, purity, and strength of botanicals as well as excluding adulteration during quality control. With the publication of general chapters by the United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia HPTLC has officially come into existence as a highly standardized and therefore reproducible analytical technique. Join our webinar where Dr. Melanie Broszat and Michaela Oberle will discuss HPTLC for quality control of botanicals and other complex samples.

HILIC Chromatography - Theory & Method Development Practices (60 min; Separation Science recorded webinar; registration required)
This comprehensive overview explores the dominant retention mechanisms in HILIC, and discusses method development tips and challenges to provide the user with a foundation for efficient and effective use of this powerful technique.
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Meeting the LC-MS Needs of a High-Throughput Clinical Lab (60 min; Bioanalysis Zone recorded webinar; registration required)
With examples from endocrinology and biochemical genetics unit disciplines within healthcare laboratories, this presentation will cover alternative sample extraction and liquid chromatography solutions developed to meet the challenges of a busy hospital laboratory.
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HPLC Method Development & Transfer Using Ascentis Express HPLC Columns (60 min; BrightTalk recorded webinar; registration required)
An introduction is provided to Ascentis Express HPLC columns, based on Fused-Core® particle technology. Several scenarios will be explored for method development and for method transfer, utilizing this column line.

Trends in Method Development for HPLC and UHPLC - the Movement Toward Using Solid-Core Particles (60 min; SepScience recorded webinar; registration required)
Advantages of solid-core particles over traditional porous particles; how to develop and transfer HPLC methods using columns based on solid-core particles; and, the expected impact on column efficiency and throughput by using solid-core particles.

HPLC Column Fundamentals (28 min)
Provides an introduction to how solutes can interact with columns containing porous particles and stationary phases to result in separation. The efficiency, retention and selectivity terms in the resolution equation will be explained as well as how certain particle and column characteristics can alter the terms and affect resolution.

Ultra-high Performance using Fused-Core® HPLC Columns (28 min)
Reviews the use of Ascentis Express columns with traditional instruments and with ultra-high pressure systems. Highlighted features include high sample throughput, low solvent consumption, column ruggedness, high sensitivity, and LC-MS compatibility.

The Use of Alternate Selectivity in Reversed-Phase HPLC (43 min)
Will describe the chemical structure of various types of bonded phases. Some possible explanations why polar RP phases have different selectivity from nonpolar, straight-chain alkyl phases will be proposed, and classes of compounds that are best separated by polar RP phases will be shown.

Introduction to Ascentis HPLC Columns (23 min)
Provides an overview of the family of columns. Ascentis columns are retentive, high performance phases that are designed specifically for separation of small molecules. Method development is made easy because all Ascentis columns have comparable retention.

HPLC Instrument bandwidth and optimizing systems for high-performance (14 min)
Discusses sample dispersion in a HPLC system, and how it can be measured for a given flow rate. Lowering the instrument bandwidth is necessary to achieve the best performance from a high-efficiency column.

High-performance HPLC Fittings and Interconnects (2 min)
Demonstrates the proper use of our exclusive fittings designed for use with ultra-high pressure and narrow-bore HPLC columns. These finger-tight fittings are rated to 15,000 psi, and are specially designed to eliminate dead volume that contributes to peak broadening and decreased resolution.