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Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) is a unique sample preparation technique that eliminates most of the drawbacks of extracting organics, requiring no solvents or complicated apparatus. It can concentrate volatile and nonvolatile compounds (in liquids or gaseous samples), for subsequent analysis by GC or HPLC.

Important advantages of solid-phase microextraction:
  • Fast - single-step extraction reduces sample preparation time by 70%
  • Versitle - various selectivities are available, adapts to any GC or HPLC system, can be automated
  • Efficient & Economical - minimal to no use of solvents, quantitative method, allows more than 50 extractions per fiber on average
View the video selection below to see how the SPME technique can meet your sample preparation needs.

SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies (4 min)
Watch a video that demonstrates the features and benefits of SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies.
SPME FFA Field Sampler (4 min)
Watch a video that demonstrates the SPME FFA Field Sampler.

1. Introduction to SPME 6. SPME with Autosampler
2. Solventless Sample Prep 7. Headspace Sampling of Volatiles
3. Portable Field Sampler 8. Direct Immersion Sampling
4. Installing an SPME Fiber 9. Getting Started with SPME
5. Manual SPME Sampling 10. SPME Fiber Reusability

Featured Video
  • Bio-compatible SPME Fibers

    A demonstration of the use of innovative BioSPME fibers for the selective extraction of drugs and polar metbolites from biological matrices.




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