New Lab Start-Up Program – Set up your new laboratory and save 20% !

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New Lab Start-Up Program
Get your new lab set up in an easy and economical way


New Lab Start-Up Program Facts & Features Image Starting a new lab?
Let Sigma-Aldrich® help you get it done on time, and on the money.

Moving to a new location?
Make a good first impression – choose high-quality products at competitive prices from Sigma-Aldrich.

Received your first research grant?
Focus on your discoveries – not your expenses. Let Sigma-Aldrich help you make the most of your research dollars.

Set up your new lab in an easy and economical way!
  • Save 20%* on orders for 2 months
  • Save 50% on freight by ordering online
  • Choose from over 100,000 quality biochemical and organic chemical products
  • Dedicated technical specialist
  • Consultation on your long term requirements

        *excludes custom products, peptides, ECACC cell lines and bulk quotations

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New Lab Start-Up Program Products & Pricing Image Your one-stop shop for all the products you need for your research

Get all the products you need from one source and receive a saving of 20%, whether it’s chemicals, life science reagents, consumables or lab equipment.

Chemistry Products
     ACS, Biotech and Reagent/Technical grades
     Anhydrous Grade
     Solvent Blends
     Deuterated NMR
Acids and Bases
Adsorbents, Filter Aids and Drying Agents
Routine Inorganic Reagents
Specialty Products for Chemical Synthesis and  Materials Science

Life Science Products
Biological Buffers
     Biotechnology Performance Certified Grade
     Molecular Biology Grade
     Cell Culture Tested
Cell Culture
     Liquid and Powdered Media
     Reagents and Components
Molecular Biology
     PCR, DNA and RNA Purification, Electrophoresis and Molecular Biology Products
     Routine Antibiotics, Carbohydrates and Detergents

Chromatography Products
Analytical & General Lab Equipment
     Glass (sample container/bottles)
Gas Chromatography
     Supelco® Capillary Columns
     Gas Supply
     Supelco Packed Columns and Supplies
     HPLC Accessories
     Supelco Columns
     Supelco Guard Columns
     Supelco VersaFlash™ Chromatography
     Supelco LPLC Columns – Prepacked
Sample Preparation
     Supelco Purge & Trap
     Supelco SPE Accessories
Titration – Moisture Determination

Lab Equipment
Equipment, Books and Supplies

Detailed pricing information
After registering for the program, log in with your user name and password and compare your New Lab Start-Up price with our list price for detailed savings information.*

Identify the right products for your new lab
If you need help identifying the equipment and supplies you need to start your research, contact your local Sigma-Aldrich representative or email us at

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* If you’re using an electronic spend management solution from providers such as SciQuest, Ariba, SAP, Perfect Commerce, and Oracle, you will not be able to view your New Lab Start-Up pricing online and might not be able to reference your New Lab Start-Up contract number on your inbound orders. In that case, please contact your local sales representative and a request a quote and place your orders via fax or phone.
New Lab Start-Up Program Get Started Now Image Who is eligible for the program?
Your lab is eligible for the program if:
  • You are starting a new lab
  • You are moving to a new location
  • You have received your first research grant
Join the New Lab Start-Up Program now
Get started and register for our New Lab Start-Up Program now. Please ensure that you provide us with your shipping address and not your billing address. If possible, please provide us with your Sigma-Aldrich account number.

Receive your product and freight savings
After you have submitted the registration form, you will receive a contract number. In order to receive your product and freight savings, please reference your contract number every time you place an order.

Contact us
For questions regarding the program, ways to maximize your savings or to receive a cross-reference list, please contact your local Sales Representative or email our Technical team at

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