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Your Real-Time Source for E-Commerce

Real-time product availability. Current order status. Total delivered price.* The e-Commerce solution at truly integrates the over 200,000 products available from Sigma-Aldrich. This solution is personalized to research, order and deliver the tools you need. From convenient ordering profiles to the assurance of a secured transaction, this is the most comprehensive, real-time e-Commerce resource in the industry.


  1. Ordering online via Credit Card or Purchase Order for one or many people.
    If you frequently buy over the phone and give repetitive information about your account details, you will find buying online much more convenient! Click to Register for online ordering at Sigma-Aldrich.
  2. Ordering with special Work-Flow and Authorization tools.
    If your organization requires special handling of orders, we can help. Click here to be contacted by our eCommerce team to discuss your particular needs and what we can do to accommodate them!
  3. Ordering via an enterprise class Procurement System.
    (such as Ariba, CommerceOne, MySAP, etc?)
    Congratulations! You are using the true power of the internet to your advantage. Click here to be contacted by our eCommerce team to discuss our capabilities for integrating our ordering system with your procurement system.


Whatever your purchasing needs, has an online solution for you!

Use the Order Center for Fast, Efficient Ordering

Sign on to After a quick, first-time registration, your private and secure profile will hold your account information for retrieval upon future access. Create your order using one or a combination of the methods below. You receive real-time product availability, full order costs (including transportation and handling) and order confirmation instantly.* And, you can conveniently pay by credit card, procurement card, or through a purchase order number. Choose from:

  • Order – Simply enter the product numbers of the products you wish to purchase. Select the package size and quantity, select your preferred payment and shipping method, then submit.
  • Product Shelf – Create personal lists of products that you frequently purchase and can easily access with any order. When reordering, check off the designated products, click a button and send.
  • Product Search – Use the searching capabilities available on the site to find the right product. Select the package size and price, then click to add the product to your shopping basket.


Easy Ordering Tips


  • Check pricing and availability to verify that product is in stock for immediate delivery.
  • Use the "Save Order" feature to place an order on hold.
    The order can be activated later, plus products can be added or deleted. You’ll save money by consolidating your multiple orders into one.
  • You can check the status of any order online – whether you placed the order via phone, fax, Web, or EDI.*
  • Customize your profile for multiple ship-to locations.*


Private and Secure Ordering

You can be assured that the information you give us to process your order is both private and secure. is registered with Verisign™ and data sent between Sigma-Aldrich Web servers and your computer is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This protects the data while it travels over the Internet and is unencrypted for display by your computer. In addition, all transactions that you initiate with Sigma-Aldrich are confidential. Services such as "Saved Orders," "Lists" and "Product Shelf" are provided solely for customer convenience. Your name will not be added to the Sigma-Aldrich mailing list unless you request it.

Check Your Order Status Online*

Whether you’ve placed your order online, over the phone, via EDI or by fax, information regarding order status is immediately available via All order information is populated and updated in real-time. Once your package has been bar-coded, you can track the delivery from our location, through shipment, to your doorstep by clicking on the tracking number. Our direct links to shippers’ tracking-detail pages will give you up-to-the-minute status of your order. Log on today to

* Online technology may not be available in all countries.